Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rain Boots, Backyard Pets, and New Plants

The day after our crawfish boil, Kenny and I had quite a bit to clean up outside. Despite what we had gotten done the night before. The rain stopped overnight but everything was still really wet. So we put the boys in their bathing suits and rain boots and went out back.

They had a great time stomping through the puddles and playing in the pirate ship. They were soaked in no time at all and loved every minute.


IMG_0381 IMG_0394IMG_0395 IMG_0396


When I went over at one point to check on them, I noticed Riley was piling a bunch of crawfish in the top of the crow’s nest. I had no idea there was still a handful of crawfish still alive. They had apparently hung out in the ship all night long.




Now, more than a week later, we are down to one. But he’s still going strong. We gave him some celery leaves to munch on, and he seems fairly happy living in the ship. When the two hooligans aren’t taking him out and throwing him on the ground, at least.




The boys also had recent fun in the dirt, too. Grandma brought over some milkweed to plant in our back garden, on account of its attraction to monarch caterpillars.


She had two plants, one for each of the boys to help with. They both did a great job spreading out the dirt and patting it down around the new plant.

DSC_7861 DSC_7877


DSC_7890 DSC_7893


And who knows? Perhaps these boys will have even more backyard pets one day soon thanks to their efforts.

Let’s just hope they treat the caterpillars nicer than they have been the crawfish.


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the planting pics. Grandma finds cool stuff to do with those boys.

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