Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Claire’s Birthday Skate Party

Last Friday afternoon was Claire’s birthday party at Airline Skate Center. Since the party took place right after school, I was flying solo with both boys. Quite the challenge for me, so I was very happy when Kenny showed up just after 5.

Riley wanted to try normal skates at first, so I let him.


However, after falling flat on his behind before he even made it out onto the floor (despite having the walker to hold onto), we traded the normal skates in for a beginner pair that fit right over his shoes, just like the ones he wore at Julia’s party last year. And Rory? He just ran all over the place. He loved the wide open space.




Riley was much happier after getting his new skates. But he didn’t last long out on the rink; he and Jack shed their skates after maybe 10 minutes and ran off to play in the gaming area. They had so much fun, while Rory took his big brother’s skates for a tiny whirl.

IMG_9641 IMG_9642

And then Alcee showed up. Riley hadn’t seen her in a long time, and they were ecstatic to see each other again. Alcee arrived right as the kids were sitting down to pizza, and she and Riley found a spot next to each other.




They all moved to another table after pizza for cookie cake and rainbow sherbet. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Claire, the kids discovered their sucker favors, and they waited fairly patiently for their dessert. Riley got a piece of cake entirely covered in a thick layer of multi-colored icing. He was thrilled.




IMG_9663 IMG_9666

Alcee had never skated before, so she convinced Riley and Jack to put their skates back on and come out onto the rink with her. All of the kids had a great time, including Kenny and Jayme, who got out there on skates too.


IMG_9691 IMG_9670


IMG_9672 IMG_9681

The party was lots of fun, and Claire apparently told Dana later that night that she always wants to celebrate her birthday there. However, this crew always seems to have a good time no matter where they are, as long as they have each other.


Thanks for having us, Dana! It was a great party.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! Also, today is Claire’s actual birthday so…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAIRE!!!


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