Saturday, March 14, 2015

Two Years Old {Happy Birthday Rory!}

Dear Rory,

Today you turn two years old. Happy Happy Birthday, Sweetness!

You weigh 27.8 pounds and stand about 34 inches tall. You have lost some of the chunkiness you sported as a baby and have started to thin out. This is mostly because you seem to constantly be on the move. Sometimes you run so fast that I’m afraid you’re going to wipe out and hurt yourself.

You also love to be held by the people you know well, and you have started to throw yourself backwards while in someone’s arms. This has resulted in many a close call to those new to this trick of yours. You are fearless, son.

Your little personality is really coming through these days. You are sweet when you give kisses, blow kisses, and give hugs. You are stubborn when you want something even if you can’t have it. You are goofy and silly when you play with your brother. You are whiny when you don’t get your way. You are so many things.

You are not nearly as adventurous an eater as your brother was, but you’re doing okay. Dinner is usually your best meal, although not if it’s something you don’t want. You do well with most meats, and you still love broccoli and fruit. Drinking your milk has never been an issue and you get water the rest of the day. You never showed much of an interest in juice, which is fine with me.

You are still not saying clear words but you “talk” all the time. I think you know what you’re saying and it’s the rest of us that can’t understand. But you’re trying. And at the same time, you understand everything we say to you or ask you to do.

You have started throwing little tantrums when you don’t get your way. Sometimes when I tell you “no” after you throw something or hit, you pout with your lower lip out, clasp your hands in front of you, and hunch your shoulders. Other times it’s more involved: kicking feet, crying, laying on the floor, and often loud screaming. I fear this will only get worse as time goes on. We shall see, my boy!

You still love books and will often go into your room by yourself and look through your favorites. When Daddy puts you to bed, you often get him to read extra books before putting you into bed. You love music and dance often when you hear it. You have started participating so well in your Music Together class, which thrills me.

You love your brother and want to do whatever he is doing. For the most part he is very patient with you. But you need to learn how to share. You also need to learn that hitting is not nice. That has been something we’ve struggled with the past couple of months. You also love to throw things, sometimes at people. Not good, son; not good.

You still love spotting big trucks when we’re out driving around. You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is why your birthday party is themed around Mickey. However, you will watch just about anything on tv. Nola calls you a tv junkie because of this. Curious George and Miles from Tomorrowland are also favorites right now (and for Riley too).

You have a smile on your face, thereby showing your dimples, the majority of your days. You are struggling through some whininess, but you are generally a very happy boy. You wake up happy, you go to sleep happy, and you radiate joy. You have started climbing up into my lap at random times, wrapping your arms around my neck, and laying your head on my shoulder. You only stay a few seconds, but that time is so precious to me.

Daddy and I couldn’t be prouder of the sweet boy that you have become, and we are so looking forward to seeing what you bring forth during this next year.

Happy second birthday, Rory David.

Love, Mama and Daddy



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SO stinkin cute. Such a love bug.

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