Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ten Things

1. I often have to wake Rory up so we can leave to get Riley from school, and this is what he looks like most days: totally out of it and wishing he was back in his bed.


However, there are some days when he wakes up early enough to actually be awake for the ride to Riley’s school. On this particular day, he was keeping Mr. Giraffey safe until Riley got into the car.


2. Shopping with Mama on the Easter aisles in Walmart. No, I did not cave and purchase this huge (and super soft) frog for him. Even though he cried when I put it back on the shelf.


3. Stripey boys at a birthday party!


4. Working on puzzles one Sunday morning.

IMG_9559 IMG_9561IMG_9563 IMG_9564

And then Riley finishing his Scooby Doo puzzle while he was home sick.


5. We gave Rory a much-needed haircut a couple of weeks ago, and I had to hold him on my lap. We were both covered in hair by the time Kenny was done, and the little one was worn out from screaming the entire time. It is not a fun process.


6. Hmmmm…..does this look familiar?


7. Three cousins in a bin!


8. Cub and Car came into town the weekend before last. We had a family dinner at QP and James’s apartment, during which Rory sampled quite a bit of Kenny’s beer. He was happy, happy, happy.



The next morning, the six cousins went to brunch at Tivoli and Lee. SO good. Cub, Aunt E, and Uncle Jeff were very excited about their Bloody Mary bar.


That afternoon, some of us went on a tour of the Old New Orleans Rum distillery. Kenny and I did the tour back in 2008 on our first anniversary, but it was cool to go on it again. And I got to try their newest product, Gingeroo.



9. Riley found and put on my brown boots one morning before school and came running into our room to show us.


10. This is how the little one watches tv. Totally content.



It sure is tough being two, huh?


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

No. 6: oh my gosh!!

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