Monday, March 9, 2015

Video Monday: Pillow Pit

We went to play at Nola and Nopsi’s house one day after school a couple of weeks ago. Kate came too.

It started out as a typical afternoon: snacks, hot wheels cars, books, and general shenanigans. Then Riley decided he wanted to play upstairs, so up everyone went. The floor of Nopsi’s room was soon covered with Legos, Lincoln logs, books, and Marble Maze pieces. The kids were in rare form and having a great time.


Then Riley spotted his travel bed propped up in the corner, still blown up from the last time he spent the night with Nola and Nopsi. He dragged it into the middle of the room, but there really was no space available (see above paragraph). So he dragged it into Nola and Nopsi’s room instead. And thus the real shenanigans began.


IMG_9505 IMG_9506


They started out by simply laying down on the travel bed and covering up with a blanket from Nola’s bed. But that wasn’t enough for Riley, who took it upon himself to grab every single pillow in Nola’s room and throw it into a pile on the floor.

IMG_9509 IMG_9511

But he didn’t stop there. He also collected all of the other upstairs pillows (I stopped him from going downstairs to get more) and threw them into the pile as well.


The three of them had a ball playing in their makeshift pillow pit. And Nola, Nopsi, and I just sat back, watched them, and laughed. Riley rolled all over the place, Rory couldn’t figure out quite where he wanted to be, and Kate’s expressions were so funny.






I just love those three.

Happy Monday!


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