Friday, April 4, 2014

Bountiful Birthdays

Weekends are rapidly becoming filled with birthday celebrations. Now that Riley’s in school, he’s getting invited to lots of parties for his classmates. We had two parties last Saturday, one for Julia in the morning and one for twin boys from the other PK3 class in the afternoon.

While Kenny stayed home with Rory so he could nap, I took Riley to Julia’s party. It was at Airline Skate Center (a.k.a. Skate Country), and I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. Riley and I talked about it beforehand, and he knows what roller skating is from an episode of Mickey. But he admitted that he was scared to try it because he didn’t want to fall. He actually started out saying he didn’t want to go to the party at all, but he eventually agreed to go and give it a try.


He ended up doing so great! They gave him skates that slip on right over his shoes, which was fantastic. And the wheels didn’t roll too freely, which helped. They also have walkers on wheels made out of PVC pipe for the kids to hold onto for extra balance. Where were those when I was learning how to skate??? So awesome.



Riley and Jack had a blast playing together for most of the party, going back and forth from skating to the food to the arcade. I love that they get along so well these days.


IMG_5151 IMG_5159IMG_5164 IMG_5158


Then that afternoon we went to another party for twin boys in Ms. Michelle’s class. Their party was at BooKoo Bounce, and many of Riley’s school friends were there. I did not get many pictures because they moved so fast from one bouncy to another. They had SO much fun.

IMG_5175 IMG_5174


We have two more kid parties tomorrow, as well as an adults-only engagement party on Sunday. Let another fun-filled and busy weekend commence.

Happy Friday, y’all!


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