Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Twelve Things

1. All smiles waiting to see Dr. N a couple of weeks ago. He weighed in at 29 pounds 8 ounces and measured 30 inches long. She didn’t give me percentages, though.


2. Kenny and I attended a BR Cohn wine dinner with Nola and Nopsi on March 19 at Tujague’s. We had a great time!


3. Riley’s obsession with sticks has slowed down a lot, but it’s still there. And now that he’s older and bigger, he goes after the really big sticks. And then he and Nola play fighting with their respective sticks after school. Good times.


4. Figured it was time for some pics of my goddaughter, who is growing up so fast. This is her shopping for plants with “Do-Da” and “Doppy.” She also loves “Ri” and “Ro-Ro” and “CC.”

IMG_5134 IMG_5136

5. Up to no good when Riley’s away at school

IMG_5095 IMG_5101

6. Cool dude chilling on a wagon ride with Mama last weekend


7. They’re a teensy bit obsessed with Frozen right now.

IMG_5106 IMAG2067

8. Riley’s nature collections from outside

IMG_5110 IMAG2057

9. So close to standing up on his own without any support…..right now he’ll only do it for a few seconds before collapsing.

IMG_5093 IMAG2065

10. Looking out on the world


11. Our kitchen counter is often littered with pieces and parts of Riley’s toys that need fixing, and Kenny dutifully repairs them when he can find the time in the evenings.


12. Loving seeing all of the flowers in bloom on our walks around the neighborhood!


IMG_5199 IMG_5186IMG_5190 IMG_5192


Happy Spring, y’all!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Of course the boys are adorable, but I love the pic of Ken bent over the fire truck repair. Such a good daddy.

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