Monday, November 11, 2013

Video Monday: Fair Set-Up and Dance Practice

Riley’s school fair was this past weekend, and we had such a fun time attending for the first of many years. More on that later this week, though.

I had signed up to help decorate the PK3 booth on Friday morning, so after dropping Riley off at his building, Rory and I went over to the main parking lot to find the booth.

IMG_3767 IMG_3769

A cold front had moved through overnight, so Rory was all bundled up in his stroller while the other moms and I worked. The wind was also blowing something fierce, so we had to improvise a slightly different plan for the decorations. But we made it work!

IMG_3772 IMG_3791

However, all decorating came to a screeching halt when the threes arrived at the outside stage to practice their fair dance.


As y’all know, the kids have been learning a short routine to “We Will Rock You” in their PE classes over the past few weeks, consisting of a few basic moves and ending with a guitar solo section. So, so cute.



Although the whole time they were onstage, Riley kept pointing to a large, circular coaster-type ride that was being set up on the far side of the lot. He was convinced it was a “magnaformer” ride and couldn’t wait to go on it. I had to break it to him gently that he was probably too little to ride it this year. Sweet boy.


He really, really didn’t want to do his dance when it came time for the official performance on Saturday morning at the fair, but he got through it. With a rather large cheering section egging him on from the crowd below I might add.

Here’s a video of their dress rehearsal on Friday. Enjoy the cuteness.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That was so precious- Kids do have fun- and their little voices are so catching. Loved it. Hugs, GRams

Lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG. the video.
I just laughed out loud the whole time.
He is so adorable and so is that little girl who did all the moves!!

Love, Aunt Lizzie

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