Monday, November 4, 2013

Riley’s PK3 Halloween Party

After their nap on Thursday, both PK3 classes had a Halloween party before dismissal. Parents were invited to attend, so I left Rory in Grandma’s capable hands and joined in the chaos. Oh, and by the way, Kenny and I got a little creative with Riley’s lunch on Thursday. All of the teachers thought it was great; Riley, not so much. Ah, well.


When I arrived at school just after 2pm, Riley and his classmates were at the two tables in their classroom, going through their treat bags supplied by the school. Riley was of course most excited about the candy corn. And I loved seeing him in his element interacting with his friends.




Then Ms. Amanda announced it was time to go to their lunch tables for the party and to line up with their partners. Riley’s partner Claire immediately grabbed onto his hand and said, “Come on, Riley!” SO cute.



Once the kids were settled into their seats, the teachers (dressed as the Cat in the Hat {Michelle} and Thing 1 {Amanda} and Thing 2 {Lisa}) cranked up some Halloween music; the parents assisted in passing out juice, fruit, and sweet treats; and the kids dug in. It was crazy, it was chaotic, it was comical. It was a fun preschool Halloween celebration.


DSC_7420 DSC_7437

DSC_7443 DSC_7447


After the kids had had their fill, they went back into their classrooms to wrap up the day. Just before they were dismissed, I convinced all but two of the kids in Riley’s class to get together with Ms. Amanda and Ms. Lisa for a group picture. Guess who was one of those missing kids. Butthead.


When we got back home, Riley immediately wanted to look through his treat bag, so I dumped it out onto the floor so he could check everything out.


There would be plenty more where that came from later that night…..annual Halloween party and trick-or-treating recap coming up next!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

It's just a theory, but I'm thinking this isn't the first time you will call your first-born a but thread. LOL

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Damn autocorrect! Butthead!

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