Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

After our marathon day two Saturdays ago, although great fun, it was very nice not to have many plans this past weekend. Especially since Rory was still not feeling his best. I’ll spare y’all the picture of him in his highchair on Friday night, but just imagine him wearing his dinner, and not in a good way. Grossness. All. Over.

(Actually, I take that back. The picture will be at the very bottom of this post, so don’t look at it if you have a weak stomach. You have been warned.)


We didn’t do much of anything on Saturday, but Sunday was a slightly different story. Kenny got up with the boys and captured some great moments between them during breakfast. All on his own without any prompting, Riley went to sit by Rory and chatted with him while he ate his apple. So sweet.

DSC_7679 DSC_7680


Then I got up shortly after that and snapped this pic of my three boys watching Mickey. Love.


I had originally planned to go out to my old high school’s Fall Festival for a bit before lunch, but plans changed for the better. Kenny ended up staying home with Rory while he took his morning nap, and Riley and I went to meet Karen, Molly, and Nathan at the Monkey Room.


IMG_7563 IMG_7558

IMG_7555 IMG_7561

I had never been before, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out. Plus, I figured Riley would have fun with two of his friends, which he totally did. The three of them ran themselves ragged for a solid hour, sliding, climbing, and swinging their way throughout the indoor play area.

IMG_7573 IMG_7576


We were back at home in time for lunch and the unfortunate Saints game (boo). Everyone ate and then the boys went down for naps while Kenny and I {quietly} yelled not nice things at the tv. When the game was finally over, we woke Riley up and all piled into the car to go out to the festival for a couple of hours before dinner.


DSC_7696 DSC_7700


{How adorable are those pictures of the little one sitting up in his bouncy seat? His cuteness just kills me.}

It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside. The fair wasn’t too crowded (but we did see Karen, Molly, and Nathan again!), and although most of the games were tailored to older kids, Riley enjoyed being there. He kicked a soccer ball, he threw a baseball, and he played in the bouncy area. He even crawled inside a huge inflatable ball and went for a roll.


IMG_7588 IMG_7598IMG_7595 IMG_7589



We got home a little later than I wanted to, so Rory was past done and extremely whiny. But it was another great day with my little family.


IMG_7592 IMG_7593

I also made a delicious Sunday dinner for Kenny and me later that night: New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp over baked grits with broccoli on the side. YUM.


Riley’s school fair is actually this coming weekend (Friday through Sunday), so keep your fingers crossed we have three straight days of good weather. I’m sure I’ll have lots to recap about, including his class dance to “We Will Rock You.” I cannot wait to see that.

Okay, this is your last chance to turn away before seeing the vomit picture.


Here he is, in all his glory. My poor sweet boy.


Told you it was gross.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Another great Blog- I can't get over how straight Rory sits up.. AND those smiles kill me- Hugs, Grams

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

The look on Rory's face when he gazes at his brother just slays me.
And thanks for the vomit shot. A little Stand By Me flashback??

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