Monday, November 25, 2013

An Unfortunate Diagnosis {Rory}

“No, don’t do that Mama. He doesn’t like it!”

Those were Riley’s words when I was using the bulb syringe on Rory one day last week. He was very concerned about his brother’s well-being and didn’t like it one bit that I was the cause of the little one screaming.

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I first realized that Rory wasn’t feeling his best when I heard him cough last Monday. He sounded like a barking seal, which I knew wasn’t good. However, Riley has been a little snotty and coughing off and on for almost a month now (thank you, school), so I figured it was inevitable that Rory pick it up too.

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Rory wasn’t getting any better as the week progressed, so I took him in to see Dr. N on Thursday afternoon. We chatted about his symptoms, and then she looked him over. She said she didn’t hear any of the telltale wheezing that is associated with something called RSV, but she decided to swab his nose anyway to be on the safe side. She said we’d have the results in about 10 minutes, but she was back in less than 5, reporting that the swab turned positive almost instantly.

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RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus, and, although quite common in the winter months for all ages, can be very serious in young infants because of the risk of pneumonia. However, Dr. N quickly said that Rory is old enough and fat healthy enough not to be too concerned. It’s just like he has a bad cold: low-grade fever, runny nose (read: so. much. snot.), cough, decreased appetite, and generally feeling and looking yucky.

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Dr. N said he would probably get a bit worse before he got better, and that proved to be true. But we’re doing everything we can for him: giving him a homeopathic cough and cold medicine a few times a day, running the humidifier whenever he sleeps, using Vick’s on his chest at night, and suctioning his nose frequently. Dr. N also prescribed two additional treatments: a once-a-day dose of an antibiotic to protect the lining of his lungs and nebulized albuterol 2-3 times a day.


A nurse showed me how to give Rory his first breathing treatment in the office (and we were given a machine to take home). Even though she warned me he would not like it, I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard he cried. He plumb wore himself out. However, the good news is, with every successive treatment, he has gotten more and more used to the process.


Riley, on the other hand, is still very concerned about his baby brother. So. Sweet.


Dr. N said that RSV usually lasts between 7 and 10 days. This all started last Monday, so we’re hopefully almost done with it. Rory continues to improve every day, and I’m certain he’ll be completely back to my normal, smiling, happy boy very soon.


On the other hand, the virus is extremely contagious, so I’m just crossing my fingers that none of the rest of us get it. (Kenny has actually been out of commission since last Wednesday night with nasty stomach issues. But as of yesterday morning, he was feeling much better, too.) I’m hoping the fact that our kitchen counter looks like a mini pharmacy right now will improve our chances, but you never know.


Dr. N also said that since Rory contracted the RSV so young there is a chance he’ll develop asthma later in life because of it. Recent research shows a clear connection between the two. And, even if he doesn’t develop asthma, there’s a very good chance some of the symptoms of the virus will rear their ugly heads every time he gets a cold. Super.


Needless to say, it has been a very long few days. But we’re all doing okay, and I’m just hoping we’re in the clear by the time Thanksgiving arrives on Thursday.


Mama needs her turkey and stuffing. And potatoes and bread. And green beans and cranberries. And pie. And wine. All the wine.


beansproutfollower985 said... Best Blogger Tips

Feel better Rory! And Hang in there Riley, Kenny and Courtney! We battled RSV with two of's nothing to fool around with.

Aunt E said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww so sad! Feel so bad for that little one but how cute and protective his big brother is!! Feel better soon little one!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes. Please feel better by Thanksgiving and Please don't get it PC Looking forward to seeing everyboby- Hugs, Grams That was a very sweet picgure of two bros

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