Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Night

Our friends Kelli and Steve have hosted a Halloween party at their house for many years, so that’s where Riley and I were last Thursday night. It was sad to leave my sick little boy and his daddy at home, but it was the right decision; Rory was actually still not feeling better until Sunday, when his fever finally broke. (I’m hoping all of his symptoms were related to his teething, but who knows.)

DSC_7400 DSC_7468

Riley told me months ago that he wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween. His choice was perfect because I instantly decided that Rory would be Charlie Brown to go along with his big brother’s costume. He’s definitely the cutest Charlie Brown I’ve ever seen!


Riley has been increasingly uncooperative when it comes to picture-taking these days, which is so frustrating for me, especially since I am just slightly obsessed with documenting every moment in my kids’ lives.

First, he screamed.


Then he got mad when we told him to please stop screaming.


Then he couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands.


And so he started screaming again.


Then he stopped screaming when he noticed that his hands were slightly green.


Wonk. Potatoes. I finally got a good shot of both of them at the very last second before I released the incorrigible pumpkin.


Nola, Nopsi, Grandma, Aunt E, Kate, and Kel-Kel came over to our house before the party. We were all supposed to go together, but only half of us did so. (Nola was sick, too, and Grandma stayed back to help Kenny with Rory.) Kate looked so cute as a baby peacock, even though she didn’t want to keep her hat on for very long.

DSC_7470 DSC_7482

And I discovered it is getting really hard to get a decent picture of the three cousins.


Especially when six adults are jumping around and talking in really high-pitched voices in an attempt to get all three kids to look at the camera and smile, thus causing the little one to lose it. Ah well. He recovered quickly.


For those of you who don’t live here, let me tell you about the weather on Halloween night. A huge storm was moving our way, so we were basically playing race-the-clock in order to get our trick-or-treating in before the rain started.


DSC_7554 DSC_7557


As such, we didn’t linger as long as we usually do at Kelli and Steve’s house. I did get Riley fed and managed to take a few bites of my own dinner before we moved out in search of candy.


DSC_7576 DSC_7578




Let me also say that the pumpkin costume was a big fat fail. A funny fail, but a fail nonetheless. Riley was so stuffed with packing material that it was hard for him to run after the other kids. He also fell a couple of times, luckily not hurting himself because of all the padding. And when he climbed into the wagon with Kate, he took up more than his fair share of it.

DSC_7596 DSC_7600

Then he actually fell up the stairs at one house and had a hard time getting up. Karen and I were doubled over laughing so hard at the sight of him that I unfortunately did not get a good picture. I so wish I had because it was hilarious. Poor kid. Needless to say, we lost the pumpkin costume shortly after that.


We made it back to the house just before the rain arrived. And while all of the other kids were gong through their loot, Riley was by himself in the playroom. With the trucks. Of course.




All in all though it was a really great night with our friends and their kids. I was really bummed that Kenny and Rory missed out on all of the fun, but there’s always next year.

Oh, and by the way, it took two days and 4 hair-washings to get all of the green out of Riley’s hair. He totally went to mass at school on All Saints Day with green-tinged hair. Awesome.


Hope everyone had as good a Halloween as we did!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful memory for everyone- So great to have such good friends- Loved it Hugs, Grams

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