Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NKN: No Kids November {Part Two}

Part Two of my “No Kids November” series includes three fun dinners out. Among adults. With adult beverages. And adult conversation. I love my kids, but…..winning.


1. Thanks to Nola and Nopsi, Kenny and I were able to attend the latest NORC dinner two Fridays ago. I am so glad they offered to babysit because dinner was in a very special location: The House of Blues Foundation Room.


IMAG1387 IMAG1388

You normally have to be a member to dine there, but thanks to our friend Jacque (who happens to be the Foundation Room sales director), twenty-five members of NORC were specially welcomed in for the night. It was supposed to be 26, but Jacque actually got really sick earlier that day and couldn’t join us. Boo.


The space is incredible and so very New Orleans. There is one main dining room, as well as a bar/lounge area. The food was fantastic, and we even hung around afterwards for one more drink. So nice being among our friends. Now that most everyone has kids, we don’t get together nearly enough.

Thanks, Lizzie and Jacque, for making this awesome night happen!

2. Less than a week after NORC, Kenny and I got together with Ashley and Greg again, this time at the Commander’s Palace Chef’s Table.


IMG_3979 IMAG1412

All of us had experienced it previously but decided in the spring that we wanted to go again. So we booked one of the only dates they had open around our birthdays (Ashley’s is two days after mine) and called it a grand celebration.




We actually had the same waiter taking care of us from both of our previous visits (Argyle, who actually is about to become a published author….he wrote a book about the history of beer in New Orleans!), but our chef (Chris) was new to all of us.

IMAG1431 IMAG1423

The experience was a wonderful one, but Kenny and I agreed that, although still very good, we liked the food from our earlier visit better than this time. However, we did get to taste their homemade andouille that a sous chef was working with towards the end of the night. Greg asked Chris what it was, and I asked Chris if we could taste it. He delivered.



Thanks for wanting to spend an evening with us, Ash and Greg. We had so much fun with y’all.

3. Then, two nights after the Chef’s Table (and in the midst of all the sickness), Ashley, Bridget, Karen and I went to Mizado Cocina for a girls dinner. It’s a new restaurant by the people behind Zea, one of our favorite places. The food was good, but I won’t be in a huge hurry to go back. But the carnitas was tasty and we did love the complimentary roasted chickpeas they brought out at the beginning.


After dinner, I wasn’t quite ready to go home to a houseful of sleeping boys, so I ended up meeting my brother for a beer (or two) at our old stomping grounds, the Bulldog. Fun times.


And thus ends the NKN series. However, the holiday season is officially in full swing, and I feel certain there will be many more memorable moments to come.

Keep coming back, y’all. Keep coming back.


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun. And why is it that every crazy picture of Jefferson somehow involves a ber (or wine)?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That Blog looked like a lot of fun. Wonderful friends- and memories. Hugs, Grams

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