Friday, April 21, 2017

Good Friday Easter Train and Egg Dyeing

A day later than last year, I took the boys to Lakeside Mall to ride the Easter train and see the Easter bunny on Good Friday. We got there early, just after the mall opened, and there was already quite a line to take pictures with the bunny.


Luckily, though, the boys were able to get right on the train. And this year, both of them rode with no issues whatsoever. Rory was actually really excited to be sitting across from his brother, clutching his stuffed bunny. Riley, meanwhile, chose to bring what he called his “Easter crab.” We don’t call him wonk potatoes for nothing, people.




They did a lot of laps around the little track. When their ride was over, we walked around to the back of the display where the Easter bunny was sitting. Neither of them wanted to wait in the official picture line, which was just fine with me. So we just took one with the bunny in the background. Good enough.


IMG_6491 IMG_6494


We went home for lunch and rest time and then it was on to our next big event of the day: dyeing Easter eggs. Rory was really psyched to do this, although I’m not sure why. All it involves is sitting there and watching the eggs soak up the dye. And they both got impatient and didn’t let the eggs sit in any one dye for very long, but they still ended up with some nice looking eggs. Oh, and Kenny got home from work early so he got to do this with us.





Easter weekend recaps coming up next week. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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