Thursday, April 6, 2017

Losing a Tooth and Gaining a Belt

Riley’s top right front tooth was loose for an awfully long time. Then, towards the end of March, it suddenly got really loose. However, it was still firmly attached for another week or so before something actually happened. I sent him to school multiple days expecting him to come home missing it. It certainly hung in there longer than I expected!


Finally, on the afternoon of March 23, it came out, with a bit of assistance from me. Riley was super excited about a third visit from the Tooth Fairy. She left him two more $1 bills, covered with purple fairy dust, which he discovered under his pillow the next morning.


The funny part is that I am now missing a tooth of my own. One of my adult molars never came in, so I’ve been walking around with my original baby tooth for more than 30 years. At my last dental visit, my doc told me my little tooth had to come out. I had it pulled on March 15 and an implant was placed. Until that heals (for four months), I’ll have a gap. Riley thought it was so cool that we kind of matched!


A week later, at taekwondo (which I have apparently been spelling wrong all this time…oops. Sorry, Master Candace!), Riley tested for his next belt, high gold. Once again, he chose me to hold his board, which he broke on his very first try with an awesome ax kick. Don’t you love my expression at his moment of impact???





Here’s the video!

Riley has been doing taekwondo for almost a year and says he wants to keep going until he gets his purple belt. We’ll see if that actually happens, especially since his coveted trophy should be coming to him in less than two months. Regardless of how much longer he continues, though, Kenny and I are super proud of him.




You may have noticed a brightly colored addition seen in the pictures above and below…..


…..more on that later!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your face is too funny!! Congrats Riley bean! ~Jackie

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