Thursday, April 13, 2017

School Days: Third Nine Weeks {Rory}

Like Riley, Rory started his third nine weeks of PK3 on January 3. Their themes were “Using Our Imagination,”Community Workers and the Tools They Use,” “Things We Build,” “Art and Artists,” “Growing Up Healthy – Healthy Foods,” “Eating Healthy – Food Groups,” “Eating Well – Everyday and Sometimes Foods,” “Staying Safe at Home and at School,” “Seasons,” and “Jobs We Do in the Day and Night.”


They discussed the letters “Mm” through “Uu;” investigated how things move, look, and change; experimented with magnets and magnifying glasses; talked about building structures and how we make things; discovered textures; learned about their five senses, skeletons, and digestive systems; discussed the parts of a plant; investigated energy; and observed the sky (sun and moon).




They also learned about patterns and what comes next; counting 1-10 using the ten frame; size and quantity; oval and rhombus shapes; more, less, or equal capacities; graphing how many, the most, and the fewest; dividing and sharing; addition (how many all together?); and shape constancy (flip, slide, turn).




Their religion lessons centered around Jesus as God’s Son, Jesus’s miracles, following Jesus, faith and trust (Jesus calms the storm), the Lord’s Prayer, God should come first in our lives, Jesus loves me, Jesus is our Good Shepherd, the first week of Lent and . They also learned about St. Valentine, St. Joseph, and St. Patrick.





They celebrated Catholic Schools week at the end of January and also learned about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Seuss, and Spain (during Global Awareness Week).



They started writing and drawing in their journals this quarter, which I cannot wait to see. They are learning how to trace/write their names and how to draw simple shapes. They also began practicing with scissors, which Rory has grasped much faster than Riley did. I’m actually quite impressed with him.


With the exception of the first two days he went back to school after being out sick, Rory’s behavior has been stellar. Claire and Lisa constantly tell me they love seeing his smiling face in the mornings. Such a difference from the beginning of the year. Oh, and here’s a picture he drew for Mary Jane when she was out sick. So sweet!


Nine more weeks of PK3 to go!


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