Thursday, April 20, 2017

School Days: PK3 Easter Egg Hunt and Party

Wednesday, April 12 was the boys’ last day of school before their Easter/spring break. They had full days but did lots of fun things.

PK3 had an Easter egg hunt in their outside play area and an Easter party in their classroom. I made bunny juice boxes and chick fruit cups, and Dana bought mini frosted sugar cookies. We also got two Easter lilies as table decorations that Mrs. Claire and Ms. Lisa got to take home with them. The tables looked so cute!


IMG_6150 IMG_6151


The kids got to do their Easter egg hunt before enjoying their party. They each had an empty egg carton to fill with 12 eggs, so everyone got the same amount. It was so fun watching them scatter around the yard searching for the eggs they wanted. Rory told me before that he wanted lots of orange eggs. Colin even went up to Rory at one point with an orange egg for him since knows how much Rory loves orange. So sweet!


IMG_6360 IMG_6361


IMG_6362 IMG_6363






Claire and Lisa helped the kids empty their egg cartons into their very own Easter buckets at their places in the lunchroom. Each bucket had each of their names written on them and were filled with some Easter grass and a special treat bag from their teachers. So cute!


Once the kids were settled at their places in their classroom and we had said prayers, Dana, Jessica, and I snuck out for a few minutes to see if we could snag our older kids to join the party. It actually worked out really well since first grade held their Easter party a little earlier in the day. They were all in Mrs. Mac’s room watching a movie but Claire, Cole, and Riley jumped at the chance to go to the PK3 party. And the littles loved having their big brothers and sister in their room.








And with that, they were all off of school for 11 straight days. Easter weekend and spring break recaps coming up!


Parilee Brenchley said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Morning! Found the 'ville on Pinterest. We are painting our home Kennebunkport Green and there is your home in the same color!! My hub was wondering what color is your trim. Because there are a million shade of green and a billion shades of white. Thanks! (I know it was 5 years ago but thought I'd inquire!) and congrats on the 10 K !! Parilee

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

@Parilee Brenchley
Hi Parilee! We are pretty sure we used Behr Premium Plus Exterior Semi-Gloss Enamel paint in Ultra Pure White for the trim. Hope that helps! Enjoy your new green house; we love ours!

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