Monday, April 17, 2017

School Days: Student of the Week {Riley}

On March 31, despite getting a chart mark that morning for talking during a test, Riley came home with Rosie the tree frog, his class pet. That meant he was student of the week April 3-7. Mrs. Smith set the SOTW schedule at the beginning of the year, so I knew he would be bringing Rosie home that day, but he was pleasantly surprised. Despite the darn chart mark.

Riley did a lot with Rosie that weekend. On Friday, they released a butterfly together after school, and Rosie also came to Riley’s taekwondo belt ceremony that night. On Saturday morning, Rosie helped Riley work on his SOTW poster before we all went to the Brownies’ birthday party, where she stuck herself in the middle of all of their presents. Then she came with us to see the dinosaurs, and she wasn’t scared at all. On Sunday Rosie and Riley played with crawfish and then went to dinner at Nola and Nopsi’s together. Riley read Rosie a bedtime story when we got back home, and he took her back to school on Monday.




IMG_6028 IMG_6026


IMG_6054 IMG_6061

IMG_6101 IMG_6108



He also brought in his completed SOTW poster on Monday, which he shared with the class during their library time. He picked Claire to hold it up for him while he talked about what he wrote.


On Tuesday he brought in enough of his favorite snack to share with the class. He chose fruit by the foot. Then on Wednesday he got to bring in a show and tell item, and he chose his treasure chest. It took him three days to show everything in it to his class; his poor, patient teacher.


On Thursday he shared his journal entry, detailing what he and Rosie did during her weekend with us. Then on Friday, I got to have lunch at school with my special boy. Riley assigned seats to everyone around us, Claire next to him of course. She even shared a few bites of her popsicle with him before they went outside to play.

IMG_6110 riley-rosie



IMG_6177 IMG_6182IMG_6181 IMG_6179


Oh, and Rory got to bring home a special visitor midway through that same week: Hopper! Mrs. Claire and Ms. Lisa asked all of the parents if we wanted Hopper to come for a second visit, and of course we said yes. Rory brought Hopper home on Wednesday, and we had two nights with him. The boys showed him their favorite snack dinner the first night, and Rory played with him in his sandbox the second.







Such a fun week for all!


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