Monday, April 10, 2017

Ten Things

1. Spring is officially here! We celebrated with our first snoballs of the year on March 23. Aunt Elena had her very first NOLA snoball, dreamsicle, which she loved. Uncle Bill snapped the picture of the pelicans on a fishing trip with Nopsi that same day, and my boys picked flowers for me after they finished their treats. Oh, and this was also the day that Riley’s tooth finally came out!

IMG_5835 IMG_5836


IMG_5838 IMG_5839

2. These boys love their daddy. And he is so good with them. I am one lucky girl.



3. Riley getting Luke to sing with him after a Sunday dinner and Rory showing off his new crane shirt from AD#1.

IMG_5919 IMG_5913

4. Mary Jane invited Rory and Colin to come to Sky Zone with her after school on her birthday, March 27. They didn’t go to her big birthday celebration since it was a girly tea party. But they had a great time bouncing with her!


IMG_5928 IMG_5929



Here’s a short video of Riley completing part of the ninja warrior course:

5. Jeff and I finally took Nopsi out to dinner for his birthday (which was back in September…oops) a couple of weeks ago. We went to Seaworthy and had a great night. Oh, and when I wiped some stray sugar from our dessert off my mouth, I looked down to see it had formed a perfect smiley face on my finger. So cool!




6. Kenny was looking at something on Google maps on his phone when he said, “I wonder what this Pacman button does.” He was amazed that it took him to a Pacman game right inside the map!

IMG_6010 IMG_6006IMG_6009 IMG_6011

7. Riley’s Lego collection is out of control. This isn’t even all of it.


He did, however, abandon his Legos for a short while when I showed him my old collection of crayons. He picked out a number of his favorites and insisted on bringing them to school with him. Crayons are apparently a hot commodity in his classroom, although I told him he couldn’t trade any of mine away.


Despite what goes on in his classroom, though, he never fails to assume his tv-watching position almost as soon as he gets home. Wonk potatoes.


8. Erin and I saw The Bodyguard at the Saengar last Thursday night. We really liked it, although the play opened quite suddenly with an extraordinarily loud gunshot, which caused Erin to screech and jump halfway out of her seat. She unfortunately had a fairly full glass of wine in her hand at the time, which she involuntarily flung all over herself and me. Some even got into her eyes, causing her to miss the beginning scene because it burned and stung so much. We smelled like Chardonnay the rest of the play but had a good laugh over it afterward!


9. Short sleeves one day and sweatshirts the next. We enjoyed the heck out of an unseasonal cool front last week: it was beautiful here for four solid days.

IMG_6122 IMG_6145

10. My 20-year high school reunion is next month, and I just so happened to recently find our senior class picture taken on our last day at MCA. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years, but I’m looking forward to the reunion. It will be so great to catch up with girls I haven’t seen in a long time.


I just can’t drink as much as I did at our 10-year reunion. I had a great time, but the next day was awful. Live and learn, right???


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