Thursday, December 24, 2015

Twelve Days of Roux 2015, Part Two

I can’t believe it’s already time to say goodbye to Roux again. He flies back to the North Pole for good tonight, until it’s time for him to return to our house next year.

Here’s what he’s been up to during the second half of his stay with us!

On Day 13, he perched on top of one of the trees in my collection.


The next day he brought back his awesome colorful lights and wrapped the banister with them again. They look so great with the boys’ little tree on the landing!


On Day 15 he hung out in between the boys’ gingerbread houses.


Perhaps he sampled too many bits from each of their houses when no one was looking, because the next day we found him working out under one of the living room ceiling fans.


On Day 17 he created a “shoe-shoe” train! The boys loved this.


Then he honored my request to bring us snow from the North Pole because it’s been so hot down here lately.


On Day 19, he came back with tiny little elf-sized donuts that he picked up from Bakers Dozen. He also brought a note asking us to bring the boys there the next day for two special donuts.


He donned a Darth Vader mask the next day and sat among some of Riley’s Star Wars Command figures. He told the boys he hoped they liked their donuts and may the force be with them.


Here are Riley and Rory at Bakers Dozen with their special Star Wars donuts from Roux! (Can you tell that Rory is saying “cheese!”?)

IMG_4979 IMG_4981

On Day 21 he hung out in Riley’s stocking.


Then he sat up high above the back doors, keeping watch over the living room.


He moved to the dining room the next day and made a Christmas tree out of the boys’ cars and trucks. (Riley thought it was a traffic jam at first.)



On Day 24 he used M&Ms to spell out a special message.


Finally, on Day 25 (a lagniappe day since he appeared on November 30), Roux packed his little elf suitcase for his return trip to the North Pole.


Bye, bye, Roux. We sure did love having you around again, and we’ll miss you.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


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