Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ten Things

1. Since Rory did not cooperate for the first one, Grandma decided to get another Santa picture with just Riley. Why can’t he just smile normally????


2. Really cool clouds on two separate days.



3. Nopsi makes a special Christmas gift every year for the special people in his life, and I got this year’s creation two weekends ago. It’s a sign made out of wire mounted on a spray painted piece of foam board. I love it!


The only problem is I have to find another spot for it to live since it covers the center channel speaker speaker and remote senser if I leave it on the mantle. Drat.

4. Riley’s Christmas gifts to Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Ceci!


5. More fun at Bakers Dozen on Star Wars day. Claire, Colin, and Dominik were there at the same time we were.



IMG_4988 IMG_4990



6. I did it! I recorded Rory and me singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “My Favorite Things” before bed one night. Give it a listen and please don’t mind my singing voice.

7. Rory saying “cheese!” with a train cookie and Riley showing off his completed new Lego vehicle that he got from Aunt Dede and Uncle Dean.

IMG_5018 IMG_5055

8. We drove by our local fire station one morning last week and noticed one of the trucks was pulled out of the garage. The boys wanted to stop, so we did. Two really nice firemen let Riley climb up in the truck and even try on one of their hats.

IMG_5046 IMG_5049


I commented that I should have brought them treats, so we made another stop at the station the next day to bring them a platter of cookies. Unfortunately, no one was there and one of the trucks was gone, so I left them outside the door. I hope they discovered them when they got back!


9. The boys finally completed their Star Wars advent calendar that Roux brought them. Santa Vader was of course in the last day’s slot, but Riley is so happy to have him now.

IMG_5096 IMG_5099

10. I stopped by Jeff and Erin’s house one afternoon a week and a half ago for some quality time with this boy. I can’t get over just how cute he is.




QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, that duet of Twinkle, Twinkle and My Favorite Things has made my day. And your singing voice is quite lovely, PC.

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