Friday, December 4, 2015

Black Friday Farm Trip

While everyone else woke up super early to shop, we got up on Black Friday morning and drove to the farm. We had a group of about 40 people join us, and I think everyone had a great day. Lots of Kenny’s and my family came with us, as well as a number of our friends. It was so much fun to have such a diverse group all together.


2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4514


2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4647


After a bit of fishing, playing around the campsite (including our friend Adam flying his drone), and cooking and eating lunch, we went on a hayride. The kids all climbed up in the hay barn, and then we went to find the cows. A few got up close and personal with Snookie (who was hand raised and therefore very used to humans), we named a few new calves, and Riley of course found some sticks.


2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4595

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4615

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4603

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4610

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4613


2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4616

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4629

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4628

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4626

2015-06  Underwoods in LA  4619

Most people left before dinner, but a small group stayed overnight. In addition to his drone, Adam also brought a whole outdoor movie setup. The kids got to watch two movies (The Minions and The Lego Movie) while they ate their dinner. They were absolutely entranced; it was so funny. My two are going to be mighty disappointed when they realize that Mr. Adam can’t be there every time we go.





The kids slept pretty good, although Rory did roll out of his bed three times during the night. He slept on Riley’s blow-up travel bed instead of in his pack-n-play; he’s getting too big for that!

We had a great breakfast the next morning, Lizzie and Doug led the kids on multiple hikes, and we took one last ride on the tractor and trailer. Good times.

Thanks to everyone who made it out there with us; hopefully next year will be even bigger.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG, what fun! And I LOVE the picture of the 6 cousins. I WANT that.

AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for having us! It was a great time, as always ... such a beautiful, restful place. (I want that picture of the cousins, too!) :)

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

It's a trifecta of agreement: I, too, want the pic of the cousins and spouses on the trailer!

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