Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas was a small affair this year, as all of my family came in for Thanksgiving instead. As such, our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at GW Fins was only going to be the four of us plus Nola and Nopsi, until Grandma and Grandpa joined the party. The 8 of us had a really nice time. I just tried to ignore the fact that it was in the 70s and incredibly humid outside.

Our waiter Ashton was great!


Riley had a shrimp dinner, although he much preferred the ones out of Grandpa’s gumbo and the ones out of Kenny’s BBQ shrimp appetizer than what we ordered for him. But he ate great so he got to have ice cream for dessert. Rory was a different story, but luckily his trucks and watching videos on my phone kept him fairly occupied.


IMG_5141 IMG_5135IMG_5144 IMG_5134


We took a group picture before we left; however, trying to get a decent picture of the two boys is becoming increasingly difficult.


IMG_5162 IMG_5165


IMG_5169 IMG_5170


But I finally got a good one!


Kenny hoisted both boys onto his shoulders for the walk to the car, Riley climbed a street lamp on the way, and Rory spotted a Christmas tree made from lights up on a French Quarter balcony.

IMG_5180 IMG_5187IMG_5189 IMG_5183

We stopped by Grandma’s cousin’s house for their customary Christmas Eve party and then headed home to get the boys into their PJs. It was time for them to open their Christmas Eve presents! I found some great books for them this year.




Then Riley insisted that Kenny and I open our gift from him that he made at school. I gave him the camera and he took a picture of us with the package he colored. Love this!


Mrs. Allison’s class made ornaments for their parents this year; it’s so cute and we hung it up right away on our family tree. Riley was so proud to finally show it to us!


Then we took some silly family selfies before tucking the boys snug in their beds so Santa could come.






Santa got busy after that, with the help of a beer, a chocolate martini, and A Christmas Story on TNT.



Christmas Day recap coming up next!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I L-O-V-E love LOVE that picture Riley took & the selfie session! Those are just perfect photos of you guys! ~Jackie

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