Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015 Christmas Tree and Roux’s Return

Since we were at the farm on Black Friday, we didn’t get our Christmas tree until Sunday. We went to Lowe’s first. The boys loved playing in all of the dropped Christmas tree needles and finding discarded treasures (the strings the trees were wrapped and shipped in).


We found one tree at Lowe’s that I sort of liked. But I didn’t love it. So we left and went to a Christmas tree lot. The prices were way higher, but the trees were much nicer. Once again, the boys loved running up and down the rows of trees. Riley of course found a stick.



I found a tree I liked, but I wasn’t dead set on it. That’s when Frank came into the picture. He could see my hesitation, so he asked what I wanted and then said he’d be right back with the perfect tree. It took him a little while, but he came back with a gorgeous tree. It’s not quite as fat as last year’s, but I ended up really loving the way it looks in our house.


It was a while past lunchtime by this point, so we decided to push the boys’ naps back even further and went to Mooyah for lunch. Hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes for everyone!


After a great Sunday dinner that night at Nola and Nopsi’s house, we came back home so Kenny could reluctantly start his most-hated task: Christmas lights. I love you for messing with those every year, Baby; thank you!


Kenny had the tree decked out with lights by the time he went to work the next morning. This was a very good thing because we didn’t see much more of him that week; he was super busy with a conference. So that left tree decorating to the boys and I. Rory wanted no part in it (aside from treating the ornaments like toys), but Riley helped me a good bit.

IMG_4464 IMG_4465

Then he abandoned me to decorate his own little tree. Nola handed down one of her old {fake} trees for the boys to call their own. We decided to put their tree on the stair landing; it looks really great up there. Again, Rory preferred playing with trucks, but Riley had a great time putting ornaments on his tree. He even suckered me into letting him have some of mine.


IMG_4468 IMG_4471


He was also very excited about having his strand of colored Christmas lights hung up in his room again.


The boys’ dinner was a little late (oops), but I got the whole tree decorated before they went to bed on Monday night. Riley even agreed to pose in front of it for me. I was shocked.


I put the tree skirt under it a couple of days later as a finishing touch, and voila! Our 2015 Christmas tree looks beautiful. I have to say, I love it even more every time I look at it. Frank did good.


Since we got the tree on Sunday, you can probably guess who showed up at our house on Monday morning: Roux! Both boys were so happy to discover Roux parachuting in from the North Pole. Riley was super excited, and I think Rory is going to be into the elf a lot more this year. And Roux brought the boys a gift: a Star Wars advent calendar. Containing none other than Riley’s coveted Santa Vader.



Santa Vader hasn’t been opened yet, but Riley is doing really well with sharing the calendar with his brother. He opens the odd days, and Rory opens the even days.

I’m just hoping that Santa Vader is in an odd day.

‘Tis the season, y’all. Happy Holidays!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful tree, beautiful boys! Merry Christmas!

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