Thursday, December 17, 2015

Twelve Days of Roux 2015, Part One

I’m back! Lots of very smart and technically gifted people worked really hard to make my blogging program work again. In fact, they created a completely new program based on the old one. Things might still be a little wonky with posting for a couple of weeks while they continue to work the kinks out, but one thing’s for sure: I have plenty of things to write about. So check in every day for something new!

Our crazy elf Roux has been doing some mighty silly things around our house since he arrived on November 30. Here’s a recap of his first 12 days with us!

Parachuting in on Day 1.


Hanging out in our Christmas tree the next day.


On Day 3, Roux wrote a note saying that he really liked the picture Riley drew of him for part of his homework. After he finished his drawing, Riley walked over to the tree and held it up for Roux to see. SO cute.


The next day Roux was way up high on the top of our stereo cabinet, perched on Rudolph’s head.


Then he moved to the mantle. Riley told me to make sure not to light that candle while he was sitting on it.


Roux got a little acrobatic the next day and hung upside down from our dining room light.


On Day 7 Roux showed us how much he loves us by holding a candy cane heart.


Then he hung from the star on top of the boys’ Christmas tree.


On Day 9 he gave the whole family elf hats!


He used a Sharpie to draw a few minions on a bunch of bananas on Day 10.


Then he got himself stuck inside a mason jar. Riley was concerned.


On Day 12, Roux recruited some of his stuffed animal friends so they could dress up like the three characters from PJ Masks, a new Disney Junior show.


Oh, that Roux. I’ll post the rest of his antics on Christmas Eve!


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