Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Newsies, Baking Day, and Anniversary Celebration

The end of last week was super busy and really fun. After being on my own with the boys Monday through Wednesday nights, Kenny finished up with his conference and took over on Thursday night. The next play at the Saenger was in town: Newsies.


Jenn McF and Omi actually flew into town on Tuesday and stayed for the rest of the week. (Jenn came out to see the boys early on Thursday morning and rode with me to take Riley to school. They were both so happy to see her.) Jenn’s nephew Ben is a member of the Newsies cast, so Jenn and Omi, along with QP and James, went to the play too. Erin decided not to go since she had already seen it (and since she wasn’t sure she could sit comfortably for three hours), so I took Bridget with me.

IMG_4550 IMG_4551

Bridget met us at the theater, but everyone else went to Mr. B’s for dinner first. Sadly, neither Kevin nor Stephen was working, but we got Valerie, who was great. And there was a gorgeous sunset happening on my way down there. Luckily traffic was heavy; I stopped just long enough to snap a pic.



The show was really great; Ben and the rest of the cast were so impressive. The songs and the dancing were so much fun.



Afterwards, we walked around to the stage door and waited for Ben to change. He came out to get us and took us backstage so we could take a look around. It was so neat seeing behind the scenes at the Saenger. And we even got to go on stage! So cool.










After a late night at the theater, everyone convened at Nola’s house the next morning. It was the first Friday in December: Baking Day!


This year’s Baking Day was very interesting. Nola twisted her ankle earlier in the week and was in a lot of pain. Also, Lizzie could not make it this year (more on this below). I told Nola that plenty of people would be stopping by and that I was sure they would all pitch in. Dana actually took off work to be there all day, and she was a huge help. With Dana, Jenn, Perryann, and me working alongside Nola, we got all 12 kinds of cookies done before 3pm. Success!



IMG_4543 IMG_4544


I crashed pretty early that night; baking all day long is hard work. But I was happy to help and so glad we got everything done. I know it was a relief to Nola.

We had a fun family event on Saturday morning (recap tomorrow), the boys {sort of} napped while we decorated a bit more for Christmas that afternoon, and then Kenny and I had Saturday night to ourselves. AD#1 offered to stay with the boys so we could finally go out and celebrate our anniversary. Yay!

Our first stop was actually the hospital, to see Lizzie. She is 21 weeks pregnant with twins and had quite a scare on Thursday night. Everything is okay now, and she is back at home, although on bedrest. Please send some prayers her way if you can!


After we saw Lizzie and brought her some Baking Day cookies, Kenny and I headed to Balise for dinner. It was great; the beef tartare and the baked rigatoni appetizers were my favorite. SO yummy. From Balise we drove over to the Roosevelt Hotel. We strolled through the beautifully decorated lobby and had a drink at the Sazerac. Then we ended up deciding to walk all the way to the Omni Royal Orleans in the Quarter, where our wedding reception was held. Nothing was happening in the Grand Salon, so we stuck our heads in and reminisced about our special night there before going back home.








We had such a great night together, just the two of us. Huge thanks to AD#1 for making it possible!


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