Friday, December 18, 2015

Ten Things

1. We did poppers at Nola and Nopsi’s house after dinner one evening at the end of November. Riley and Kate loved their crowns and prizes!

20151129_200253 20151129_200625

2. Riley trying on his cousin Billy’s shoes and making faces one day after school at Nola’s.

IMG_4461 IMG_4556

3. Another shot from my failed attempt to get a picture for our Christmas card. Gosh, they’re cute.


4. Hanging with the little one while big brother was at school. And he still loves his smoothies.

IMG_4662 IMG_4487

5. The girls and I had a festive holiday dinner at Marcello’s on December 7. We had a great time!


6. Silly boys on the way to school one morning.

IMG_4548 IMG_4549

7. I am in love with the boys’ little Christmas tree. Thanks, Nola!


8. Nola and I went to a Jazzercise Christmas party last week. The new owners of the center have made some awesome changes, so they had an event to raise some money for all of the renovations. It was a really fun night; I’ve met some really great people at that place. And doesn’t Jamie’s husband Ryan look just fabulous?






9. Riley was invited to Dominik’s birthday party, and it was last weekend at World Martial Arts. The party was Star Wars themed, and the attendees participated in Jedi training. Well, everyone but Riley, who was a complete pill. He wanted no part of the training, instead choosing to sit and watch and occasionally repeatedly ask if we could go back downstairs.

IMG_4736 IMG_4737

Once the training session was complete, Dominik handed out souvenir tae kwan do headbands to all of the kids. I told Riley he couldn’t have one because he didn’t participate in the training. Of course he whined and started to cry. So I made a deal with him: break a board with Master Candace like all of the other kids did, and then he could get a headband and be in the group picture. So he did. Butthead.



He was so proud of his broken board and even got to take it home. Then he and Matthew showed Wendy and I some of their skills before we went downstairs to have pizza and cake.




It ended up being a fun party, but I was so disappointed he wasn’t even willing to try the training. Even Colin went through it and had a blast! Oh well.

10. Nola let the three kids each open a present at Sunday dinner this week. Riley opened a Star Wars Command set, Rory opened a set of construction vehicles, and Kate opened a pair of pretty pink shoes.



This dinner was special because we knew it would be our last one before Nugget arrived.


Only we didn’t know just how soon that event would be.

Much more to come next week. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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