Monday, June 12, 2017

Ten Things

1. Kenny planted caladiums and begonias in our front gardens at the beginning of May, and they look so great. I love caladiums.



2. I have gone for a grand total of one run since the Crescent City Classic. Thank goodness Disney is 7 months away. I have some serious training to do!


3. Kate’s last day of school was May 23. Look how much she grew!


Luke, meanwhile, had already been in the pool before his sister was out of school. He is so happy in the water.


4. Tutti Frutti treat with my boys after taekwondo! I think it was actually their dinner this night. They loved it.



5. Karen and I threw it back to high school and went to see Bye Bye Birdie at Rivertown on May 18. We worked tech when Mount Carmel did the play the year we were sophomores. All of the songs came right back to us and we were singing along with the cast. We had so much fun that we decided to buy season tickets.


6. Rory with two of his new trucks and making a yucky face after trying Kenny’s Andygator.

IMG_7494 20170522_185434

He also had his four-year-old well-visit with Dr. N at the end of May. He looked so serious when the nurse took his blood pressure. He checked out just fine: he’s 40.25 inches tall (34%) and weighs 35 pounds (35%). And he didn’t cry a bit when he got his two shots. So proud of my sweet boy.


7. Fun afternoon outside in the bouncy house and then having a picnic dinner.



8. A very nice policeman stopped to give Rory a toy police badge while we were on a walk to Nola’s the other day. Then he offered to pose for a picture with Rory when he saw me taking a pic of him with his new badge. Such a cool moment!



Then, on our walk back, I noticed a cement mixer working in the next block past our house, so we went down there to watch for a bit before going home for lunch. A fun and unexpected day with my littlest while Riley was still in school!



9. The official picture from my 20-year reunion!


10. I forgot to show y’all the gift that Mrs. Claire and Ms. Lisa gave Dana and me at the closing ceremony for being their room moms. It’s so cute!



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