Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Father’s Day

Father’s Day was the day after we got back from our annual family beach trip (those lengthy recaps coming up later in the week). There were things to put away, laundry to be washed, and grocery shopping to do, but we still managed to show Kenny just how much we love and appreciate him. Even if he did end up doing a lot of work on his day!

He mixed up a yeast batter for waffles the night before and made them the next morning for breakfast. They were SO good, though the boys preferred the other kind he makes. The recipe made a ton, so he and I now have lots of waffles to eat!


The boys gave him his presents and cards after breakfast. Riley made something for him in school, that I hid from him until Father’s Day. And we got him a “Who’s Your Daddy” crawfish t-shirt, a new pocket knife (he finally lost his old one), and a Tigger ornament.


IMG_9032 IMG_9034


IMG_9037 IMG_9039



His family came over later that day and we boiled crawfish for probably the last time this season. And he wore his new shirt!

IMG_9056 IMG_9057IMG_9058 IMG_9059

Happy Father’s Day, Ken. We love you so much!



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