Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Days 2017: Part One

Summer for Rory and Colin started a bit earlier than it did for Riley and Claire. So Dana and I decided to take them to do something special before their older siblings were done with school. We went to make donuts at Cop-A-Donut the morning of May 24.


They had a great time, rolling out their dough and cutting donuts out of it. One of the owners showed them how it was done.




Then they got to decorate! They were offered all kinds of toppings that Riley and Claire would have jumped on, but they didn’t really want anything. They agreed on chocolate frosting and sprinkles, so that’s what they got. And they each only took one bite of their creations before declaring they didn’t want anymore. So Dana and I finished their donut masterpieces. Still a fun morning!




The very next day, Dana and I packed up all four kids (Riley and Claire were off for Records Day before their last day on May 26) and headed to Gulf Islands Waterpark in Gulfport, MS. Riley asked to go multiple times last summer but we just couldn’t make it work. So I made sure it happened this summer.


We got there just before the park opened and had such a great day. Riley and Claire were tall enough for just about everything, and Colin and Rory were able to go on a decent amount of things with me or Dana. But they loved the smaller green slides in the splash area. They went on those over and over and over again!



IMG_7680 IMG_7676


We took a break around noon and had a picnic lunch in the parking lot. Then we went back in to slide and splash some more. This is when they all discovered what they named the “ninja warrior” course. Everyone except Rory made it all the way across!

IMG_7657 IMG_7661



IMG_7692 IMG_7706IMG_7707 IMG_7702



We treated the kids to ice cream before we got back on the road for home. We had SO much fun and they’ve all already asked if we can go back again. So glad it worked out!

IMG_7730 IMG_7729


Two days later, on Saturday the 27th, all four of us went to Carousel Gardens in City Park to meet some of Rory’s PK3 friends: Colin, Corinne, Emma, and Abby. We ended up buying a family membership, so we’ll have to go back sometime again this summer. It was hot out, but it was lots of fun!


IMG_7928 IMG_7942


IMG_7931 IMG_7935



IMG_7972 20170527_122832


IMG_7979 IMG_7981

It was also Rory’s first time on the Ladybug roller coaster. He LOVED it and asked to go multiple times.


IMG_7956 IMG_7955


Thanks for a fun time, City Park; we’ll be back!


More summer recaps to come in the next couple of months!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that Ladybug roller coaster. I want to go with you guys next time you go!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Rory's smile is just the best 😍 ~Jackie

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