Friday, June 23, 2017

Swimming Lessons (Plus Videos!)

Both boys took swimming lessons again this summer at Mrs. Jean’s house. Riley didn’t really need them, but I figured he could learn something, like how to swim using both of his arms. However, I’m really not worried about him in the water anymore, which is nice. He swam with Ms. Langley and did great.


IMG_8105 IMG_8103IMG_8104 IMG_8106IMG_8107 IMG_8108


Rory, on the other hand, really needed lessons, and he did so great. He swam with Ms. Emily and wanted nothing to do with anyone else. He cried when Kellen took him for just two minutes one day while Emily helped someone else. And I actually had to cut one of his lessons short when he was swimming with Blaire since Emily wasn’t there that particular day. He was sobbing. Geez.


IMG_8447 IMG_8448



But, by the end of his 8 lessons, Rory was swimming short lengths across the pool and even coming up for a breath. I’m still not comfortable enough to let him jump into the pool by himself, but he learned so much. He looked at me at one point and said, “I’m swimming? I’m actually swimming?” Yep, dude, you are. And I’m so proud of you.




Here is another video from their lessons. Happy Friday, y’all; have a wonderful weekend!


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