Monday, June 26, 2017

Ten Things

1. Sleepy Beans and Sprouts!





2. I finally gave in to the craze and bought a set of three fidget spinners from Groupon. Riley asked for one, but he doesn’t really play with any of them!


3. Wanna see something funny? I was supposed to run a race with Jeff on June 3 but elected to stay on vacation in Miramar Beach instead. Jeff picked up my race bib so he could at least get me the t-shirt I had paid for, and he stuck my bib in his pocket while he ran. As a result, I placed as the third overall female. Too funny!


4. Luke desperately needed a haircut at the beginning of this month, and Erin finally bit the bullet and took him somewhere on June 8. He did great!


IMG_8500 IMG_8501

5. Riley got his birthday present from Nola and Nopsi early and finished building it in two days. He’s basically a Lego baller.


6. Jeff and I took Nola out to dinner for her Mother’s Day gift on June 6. We went to Maypop and had a great night! The clouds on the way there were so cool.



7. Erin and I saw our last Saenger play of the season on June 8 and our seats were in fifth row center. We loved being so close!

IMG_8517 IMG_8519

8. The boys are currently obsessed with Moana so we now own stuffed a Maui, Hei Hei, and Pua. We had a special snack lunch one day while they watched the movie for the thousandth time, and all of their Moana friends joined them.



Riley also built Tamatoa the crab out of Legos, completely from his imagination. So impressive!



9. Kate’s dance recital was on June 10. We missed it since that was the day we left for our family beach trip (Jeff and Erin and the kids came up the next day), but Erin sent us pictures of Kate in her costumes. So cute!!!



10. Since we are done with the first book, I decided to show Riley the first Harry Potter movie. We watched it together last week. He was riveted to the screen and really enjoyed watching it. He immediately asked if we could start the second book when it was over!




Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

wooHOO. My favorite kind of post. Thanks! I am SO delighted that Riley is into Harry Potter, hoping this will ignite a lifetime of reading!

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post, as always. That race story is great!

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