Thursday, June 8, 2017

School Days: First Grade Last Day {Riley}

Riley’s last day of school was Friday, May 26. There was an all-school mass at 8:55am and then everyone went back to their classrooms for end-of-the-year parties. Since there wasn’t an official closing ceremony, I told Kenny he didn’t have to come. So he went to work while Rory and I brought Riley to school. But not before I took his last day pictures at the house!




Riley grew half a brick this year!


I offered to set up for the party while everyone was at mass, so Rory and I went to Riley’s classroom around 8:30am. Since Mrs. Smith is moving to Georgia, her room mom Mrs. Kristen decided an “Aloha” tropical theme would be perfect. The room looked pretty cute when I was done with it!




I also made sure the end of the year slideshow was ready to go. I was Photographer Mom in Mrs. Smith’s class this year, so I got to put together the slideshow. I had more than 1000 pictures to sort through, but I think it turned out really well. And I kept it to 132 slides and 13 minutes long!


Rory and I snuck into the seats that Dana saved for us about halfway through mass. Mrs. Smith told me earlier that I needed to be at mass when I was done decorating, but she wouldn’t tell me why. They did a huge school-wide awards ceremony before mass was officially over, and Riley and I were both surprised when his name was called. Mrs. Smith named him the 4th quarter academic merit award recipient for her class. He was so excited and I was so proud!


IMG_7744 IMG_7746


We went back to the classroom once all the awards had been given out and mass was over. The kids settled into their chairs (Rory and Colin parked themselves front and center on the floor), discovered colorful leis that they could wear, and enjoyed popsicles while they watched the slideshow. Mrs. Kristen even made Mrs. Smith her own real flowered lei!





After the slideshow, Mrs. Smith had her own awards to hand out, as well as binders full of special artwork and projects. Each student was bestowed a title from her, such as “Giggle Monster,” “Future Actress,” and “Most Sincere.” Riley was deemed “Creative Cutie,” for all of his creations he would make in class and on the playground. I think it’s very fitting for him!


IMG_7789 IMG_7790IMG_7793 IMG_7797



Here’s what was in Riley’s binder!










I also got a little something from Mrs. Smith: a bottle of nail polish, a nail file, and a little wooden plaque that says “Thankful and Blessed.” And the kids made me a special ice cream thank you card! Very sweet.

IMG_8471 IMG_8472

After all of the awards and gifts were handed out, Mrs. Smith addressed the whole room and thanked everyone for a great year. She said she didn’t want to get emotional, but she teared up a bit. I bet it’s going to be hard for her to leave a place she’s been for so long, even if it is for the best. Oh, and Mr. Philip was at school with her on the last day, so we got to meet him. He’s so nice.


We took one last class picture and then everyone lined up to say goodbye to Mrs. Smith. Dana and I decided to collaborate on a gift for her: we got her a pair of cute green snoball earrings and a small ceramic fleur-de-lis dish to remember NOLA, as well as a gift card for a restaurant called Epic in downtown Columbus, the city she’s moving to. Oh, and cookies. Always cookies!



IMG_7840 IMG_7837


IMG_7845 IMG_7851

We took a few last pictures with her (and one of her and Mr. Philip!) and then told her goodbye and thanks for a terrific year. We met Dana, Claire, and Colin at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then everyone went to Toys ‘R Us afterward. Riley promptly built the Lego set he picked out as soon as he got home.


IMG_7853 IMG_7857


IMG_7863 IMG_7865


Riley had a fantastic year. He had some issues, but overall we are so happy with the progress he made. And his report card shows it: he got straight A’s.

We are so very proud of you, Riley-bean, and we can’t wait to see what you can do in 2nd grade!


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