Wednesday, May 4, 2016

“Under the Stars” SCR Gala

The annual SCR gala for parents and parishioners was on Saturday, April 16 in the gym. There actually wasn’t a gala last year; they took a break for multiple reasons. So everyone was excited when it was announced that one would be held this year.

I volunteered to help make calls for auction donations, as well as decorate the gym the day before the gala. Matthew’s mom Wendy is one of the gala committee chairs, and she put me in charge of the flower arrangements with another fellow parent volunteer. I think they turned out pretty well!



Each class is also responsible for creating a unique item for the auction. I asked Nopsi to build a bench. He painted it blue and Katie and I stenciled a big “SCR” on it. Then we took the bench to school one day and helped the kids put their handprints all over it. Finally, I painted each student’s name by the handprint and also painted “Mrs. Allison’s Kindergarten Class 2015-16” on the back. It turned out SO cute. And comfortable!


IMG_7477 IMG_7511


I really wanted to win the bench at the auction, but I ended up being outbid by Wendy. It went for $270! And cost under $100 to make. I may just have to ask Nopsi to build another one.

I did win one auction item: a outing for Riley with Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Ceci. Most of the teachers got together and came up with something fun to auction off; the kindergarten teachers decided to take the winner of theirs to eat pizza at Mark Twain’s and then to Sal’s to get snoballs. Riley is so excited to do this.

Dana and Dave and Diana and Jamey went to the gala too, and we had such a fun night. There was a DJ playing fun music, food from Semolina and Vincent’s, and a photo booth. We had a great time.










One of the most random parts of the night was when I ran into two fellow SCR moms that have ties to my grammar school. One of them even pulled up her Facebook and showed me a class picture that someone from my third grade class posted. So random, so unexpected, and so fun.


When they finally kicked us out of the gym, lots of people went to Daiquiri Bay Cafe. We stayed out until after 2am, which we hadn’t done in a very long time.

IMG_7796 IMG_7798IMG_7800 IMG_7801

It was a really fun night, but the next day? Not so much. I am getting too old to party like that.


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

It's such a shame y'all don't know how to have fun.

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