Thursday, May 5, 2016

School Days: Q + U Wedding {Riley}

Every spring, the SCR kindergarten class celebrates a wedding. The bride is the letter Q and the groom is the letter U, played this year by Scarlet and Connor. It’s a fun day that teaches the kids about all of the different traditions surrounding a wedding. It also teaches them that Q and U always go together.

In keeping with the theme of the day, the boys came to school dressed as QUarterbacks and the girls as QUeens. Riley wore his LSU football jersey and a pair of Rory’s sweatpants, which hit him in the perfect place, just below the knees. That was Kenny’s idea and it worked great. Kenny also pinned a white towel onto Riley’s pants since lots of quarterbacks wear those to wipe their hands off during a game. I painted black lines under Riley’s eyes, and he picked out a football to take with him to school. He made a really cute quarterback, although he did ask me before we left how football was played and if he needed a bat too. #parentingfail




Grandma came to stay with Rory that afternoon while I went to school to help set up for the wedding. I ordered the wedding cake from Rouses and they did a great job with it. I had them put a heart on it with “Q + U” in the middle. So cute.


We blew up balloons and set out the decorations that Katie had picked up. Then we helped the kids get ready. The girls wore white crowns with paper streamers, and the boys wore paper bow ties. The wedding guests of honor (the rest of the class that wasn’t part of the wedding party) each represented a different letter of the alphabet. Not surprisingly, Riley chose “R.”




Once all of the kids were ready to go, it was time for the processional. Father Luis officiated, and the ceremony took place outside in the breezeway. All of the wedding guests filed in, then the best man and maid of honor, the “shusher” (holding up a sign that said “Quiet”), the “quarter girls” (instead of flower girls) and finally, the bride and groom. It was all so freaking cute.


IMG_7855 IMG_7858

IMG_7868 IMG_7870


Father Luis said a few words, Q and U exchanged vows and rings, and then everyone recessed out to the reception. I repeat, so freaking cute.




Once back in the classroom, we took some pictures, and then the bride and groom cut the cake, did a bouquet and a football toss, and had their first dance. There were even favors: ring pops!




IMG_7893 IMG_7894IMG_7895 IMG_7896



After that, the dance floor opened up and the kids let loose. Mrs. Allison put on a bunch of great music and they partnered up and danced.






Then Riley decided he was the clean-up crew and started gathering the flower petals from the ground. Wonk potatoes.


Then Mrs. Allison had the kids form a circle and each took their turn in the middle doing whatever dance they wanted. This was highly entertaining. Those kids have some good moves!





I can’t express enough how much fun this afternoon was. I think the whole idea of holding a wedding in kindergarten is such a fun way to teach an important concept, and the kids had such a fun time. I think they’ll always remember that Q goes with U now!

Here’s a video of them dancing. Enjoy!


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