Thursday, February 11, 2016

Krewes of Nyx and Muses {Mardi Gras 2016}

Oh my. Apologies for disappearing on y’all earlier this week, but the 2016 Carnival season was intense. Jackie landed in New Orleans at 5:35 on Thursday evening, and we hit the ground running. She left on Sunday, but I didn’t stop until Tuesday night. It was exhausting, but it was amazing.

First let me recap Wednesday night’s parade, Krewe of Nyx. It was my first year attending, and I was so impressed. Nyx has only been around for 5 years, but it’s grown to be so big in that short amount of time.


I went with Aunt E, and we met some of her family out at the beginning of the route. We had a great time, especially since we had so many friends riding or marching. Between the two of us we knew 8 people! That meant I was sure to get a coveted Nyx purse, which I was psyched about. But who knew I would end up bringing SIX purses home??? I also got an official Nyx 2016 poster from a very nice krewe member. So amazing. Thanks for letting me tag along with you, Erin!


IMG_6023 IMG_6031


The next day I made final preparations for Jackie’s arrival. I had decided to put together a little “Mardi Gras survival” basket for her, so I assembled that and brought it with me to the airport. (I was also all ready to go. I definitely channeled Lizzie when I got dressed; she’s the Mardi Gras pro. And she even lent me a few of her wigs to use. Thanks, LPb!) It was SO great to see my friend, and she was so surprised to discover her fun basket of goodies. Jackie’s first Mardi Gras had officially begun!




We drove to Dana’s house so Jackie could change, and then UJ graciously came to pick the three of us up so we wouldn’t have to fight driving and parking in the Quarter. We grabbed Felipe’s for dinner and went to UJ’s apartment to eat before heading out to Canal Street. Thanks for being so awesome to us this night, UJ!


We walked up right as Babylon, the first of the three parades that night, was ending, and we saw all of Chaos. We made some friends, Jackie snagged her first pair of beads, and we all tried to stay warm. It was so cold!


IMG_6098 20160204_211311 IMG_6100



Then the main event began: Krewe of Muses. Jackie was so impressed with it all: the marching groups, the bands, the floats, the throws. This year’s theme was “Muses Sweet ‘16,” so all of their floats centered around popular candies with relevant political tie-ins as well. It was so great, and we had such a fun time. Despite not catching a shoe: Jackie had one hit her hands but she couldn’t pull it in. Bummer!







The parade ended right around midnight, but we weren’t done yet. Kirk was managing Oz that night, so we decided to take advantage of being in the Quarter and stop in to see him. I will not say exactly what took place in that establishment on that particular night, but I will say that it was definitely an experience. We were out until 2am and had a blast.


IMG_6107 IMG_6109



There was little time to rest, though: Jackie and I found ourselves back in the Quarter less than 10 hours later for my parents’ annual Mardi Gras luncheon at GW Fin’s and the Diva Parade. Those recaps coming up next!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips go from Family Gras to mostly naked guys.........must be NEW ORLEANS!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahhhhhhahaha! Oh NOLA you are so right! So much fun! ~Jackie

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