Thursday, February 4, 2016

Family Gras and Krewe of Caesar {Mardi Gras 2016}

Last Saturday was Kenny’s 38th birthday. So of course we spent the day doing what he wanted to do: MARDI GRAS!

Okay, so he’s not the biggest fan of Mardi Gras. But he is an incredibly good sport and was more than happy to spend the day together as a family celebrating this particular season that our city loves so much.


We picked up Grandma and Grandpa around lunchtime and headed out to Family Gras. It’s a free festival/celebration of carnival and family in the neutral ground right across from Lakeside Mall. There are lots of food booths, crafts, games, and a great lineup of music.


We walked in and almost instantly met a very nice policeman, Captain Josh Wingrove, who let the boys climb up on his fancy patrol vehicle. He was so incredibly nice; it was such a pleasure chatting with him for a few minutes. Thanks for keeping Jefferson Parish safe for us!


We bid Captain Josh goodbye and headed off in search of lunch. That’s when we ran into some familiar faces: Dana, Claire and Colin, who had just arrived with Dana’s sister Emily and her daughter Corinne. The kids were so excited to see each other.


We all got something for lunch and walked up towards the stage to get a spot for the first performers: the Imagination Movers. Kenny was a very happy birthday boy with his soft shell crab po-boy. We ate, we drank, we sang, we danced. We had a great time.






That evening we attended our first parade of Mardi Gras 2016: Caesar. We had a huge group come together in our usual spot on Vets near the beginning of the route.






Luke was even there for his first Metairie Mardi Gras parade, although he slept through the whole thing.


Oh, and the boys and I presented Kenny with a few birthday treats from Gambino’s. He loved that little surprise!


The parade itself was just okay. I usually love Caesar, but they weren’t throwing very much this year. Plus, a couple of the floats went by us SO fast. Way too fast; it was dangerous. But the Star Wars presence in the parade was very cool. Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, and lots of stormtroopers were all on the Grand Marshal’s float. I even caught a cup from Darth!







It wasn’t the best parade experience, but we still loved spending time with our friends. Even if I did have to stand in the very back a lot so Rory could run around the parking lot, as is his preference. Crazy fries.


All things Mardi Gras really started to ramp up yesterday. I was lucky enough to attend my first Nyx parade last night. I knew about a half dozen people in it; SO much fun. Tonight is Muses, which I will be attending with….drumroll please…..

JACKIE!!! She will be in town for her very first Mardi Gras, and I am so freaking excited to have her here. Plus her birthday is Saturday, so that makes it extra special. I can’t wait!!!

Happy Mardi Gras, y’all!


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

It's a shame your life isn't more fun. Oh and petit fours and beer? Yum?

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so bummed I won't get to see Jackie! HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!

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