Monday, February 22, 2016

An Update on Lizzie and the Brownies

As many of y’all know, my dear friend Lizzie is pregnant with twins, affectionately known as the brownies. She and her husband Doug had to undergo IVF treatment, but it worked their first try and they were blessed with twins. Her pregnancy has not been an easy one, though. At 21 weeks she underwent surgery to save the twins. Then on New Year’s Eve, she was admitted to the hospital again, and there she will remain until she delivers.

Living in the hospital for months was never what she imagined, but Lizzie has accepted that it is her path and has made the best of it. Her positivity and strength and attitude throughout this whole crazy situation are so admirable. Sure, she has her bad days, but overall she has dealt with everything so amazingly. She and Doug even created two baby pools for their friends and family to bet on when the brownies would arrive and what their sexes would be!

baby-pool1 baby-pool2

However, it has been tough for Lizzie to feel pretty while laying in a hospital bed all day. That’s where Jackie came in. She had the brilliant idea of sending in a hair and makeup professional to beautify the mama-to-be. She contacted Heather of Flawless Bride and scheduled her for a surprise visit on the morning of February 4.

Nola and I went to sit with my unsuspecting friend so I could document everything for Jackie, who didn’t arrive for her Mardi Gras visit until that evening. Lizzie had absolutely no clue and was so shocked when Heather walked in and delivered a note from Jackie. It was a perfect surprise!


Lizzie laid back and relaxed, a lot of pure contention on her face, while Heather worked her magic. Makeup was first (of course including eyelashes, Lizzie’s fav), followed by hair. Heather put her hair up in a super high bun on the top of her head so she could lay back and not mess it up.


IMG_6066 IMG_6069IMG_6071 IMG_6072


Nola and I were so glad we could be there to witness the surprise. Lizzie looked so pretty when Heather was done, and she even worked out for her to come back once a week or so to touch her up. Whatever mama wants, mama gets!


I also had a hand in another surprise for my sweet friend. My fellow bridesmaid Cynthia came up with the idea to make custom hospital gowns for Lizzie in fun fabrics, and she invited me to participate in the project. So off I went to Hancock Fabrics one afternoon in January to select my fabric. I ended up finding two that I really liked for Lizzie, so I got both.

Cyn cranked out two gowns with her own fabric choices first (one is pictured in this post and the other below) and then moved on to mine. She delivered them to Lizzie on Thoth Sunday, with instructions to call me before opening the box. Next best thing to actually being there.


IMG_6250 IMG_6252


I picked out a brown cat lady fabric and a black Mardi Gras fleur de lis fabric. The two gowns came out so great; Lizzie loved both of them. She even wore the fleur de lis one for a Fat Tuesday photo shoot with her birth photographer, still looking fabulous after her visit from Heather.


Lizzie has told me more than once how overwhelmed she is by all of the love and support she has received since learning she was pregnant. She has so very many people who care about her and want to do anything they can to help her through this tough time. She said, “How can I possibly thank everyone for everything?” My answer was, “You don’t need to. We know you’re grateful, but we have chosen to do these things for you. It’s our pleasure; formal thanks are not necessary.”

Just keep taking care of yourself and keep those brownies baking. That’s all you need to worry about right now, my friend.

And if you could have them on March 14 or April 5, that would be great. Love you!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

This is just unspeakably awesome. Those Brownies have an awful lot of fairy godparents!

AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

So wonderful to see Lizzie looking so good despite her enforced inactivity. She is blessed to have such loving friends (of course, she is so easy to love)! Thanks for the update, C.

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

She is just SOOOO beautiful. It's my pleasure and honor to know her.

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