Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Excavators, Bulldozers, and Diggers…Oh, My!

Rory is 100 percent, completely, and totally obsessed with construction equipment right now. He still loves seeing school buses and garbage trucks and big rigs on the road, but the construction vehicles are his favorite. And it just so happens that we have a handful of those behind our house at the moment.

The city started work on a big drainage project at the beginning of February, and Rory has been in construction truck heaven. He spotted a big red excavator parked at the foot of a nearby street right away when it appeared, and we’ve seen it practically every day since then. If I don’t drive around the block before going to school or to Jazzercise or to Nola’s so he can see his excavator, he loses it. So taking the small detour has definitely become part of our daily routine. We probably drive by six times every day. Seriously.


We also see his “tiny bulldozer” and his “tiny digger” (his words). And we’ve been lucky on multiple occasions to see them working. I even woke Rory up early from his nap one day when Margaret was here because all three were working together directly behind our house. We watched for about a half hour until we had to get Riley from school. I just couldn’t let that opportunity pass by without Rory getting to see them all in action.



IMG_6419 IMG_6434



Then Margaret and I took them down to see the big red excavator before dinner the next day. I may or may not have wanted to get a picture of Rory in front of it for his birthday party invitation.



DSC_1175 IMG_6449



We also walked over to see a giant crane truck pouring the slab for a new house right by Nola’s the day after that. We only saw it once, but Rory still asks about that truck.


However, in addition to the trucks, both boys have also been very interested in the huge piles of sand and rocks that have been dumped around the construction site behind our house.

More on that next!


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