Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Riley was off all last week for his spring break, and we fit a decent amount into those 5 days of no school. We started out with something not fun but necessary. On Monday I took both boys to the dentist. Riley and I got cleanings, and Rory had his first “happy visit.” Both boys insisted on climbing into the chair with me during my cleaning; that was interesting.


Riley did great; he actually has two loose teeth! Both of his upper 6-year molars are also coming in. And Rory, not surprisingly, freaked out, even though all Pam needed to do was count his teeth. But she was able to see that two of his molars are coming in and that could be why he’s been whiny lately. Good to know.

IMG_7298 IMG_7299

The next day we took a field trip to visit Kenny at work. The boys got to sit at Daddy’s desk and even went for a ride on the office forklift. Then later that day we met Erin, Kate, and Luke at Nola and Nopsi’s to play and ended up staying for the kids’ dinner.





On Wednesday we met Grandma and Nola at the movie theater to see Zootopia. Rory did pretty well, although he got a little restless towards the end. But Riley was the issue: he actually got scared and asked to leave twice. Grandma talked to him, though, and he ended up seeing most of the movie, although he stated firmly when it was over that he never wants to see it again. It was a little intense at times, but I thought it was cute.

The next day we met up with Dana, Claire, Colin, Diana, and Alcee for a PJ breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. We hadn’t done that since the summer before last. We even repeated history a bit more and took them over to the playground afterwards, where they played until lunchtime. Such a fun morning!




Riley, Kate, and Rory had a sleepover at Nola and Nopsi’s house on Thursday night. They had dinner, took a shower, and then got into their PJs for popcorn and apple slices while watching a movie. Then it was back upstairs to read books with Nopsi before bed. Rory did great in the big blue bed, but Kate got scared and she and Riley ended up sleeping on their travel beds in Nola and Nopsi’s room. But they did perform a morning dance show when they woke up. Overall a fairly successful triple overnight stay, although I think Nola and Nopsi would like a very long break before they do it again.



IMG_7483 IMG_7484



Dana, Diana, and I had fun on Thursday night as well. We made plans a few weeks back to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 at Canal Place. The movie was really cute, and we had a great dinner while watching it. Then we stopped into the Rusty Nail for another drink, where I ended up teaching Diana how to do a messy bun on the top of her head. We had a great night!


IMG_4184 IMG_7387


On Friday I took the boys to visit Zac and Aunt Jaimi. We hung out at their house for about an hour and then we went down the road to Sammy’s lunch. Their red beans are SO good; I wish I knew how to make them. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures but these of me and Rory at the restaurant. The boys were having too much fun playing and Jaimi and I were too busy chatting!


IMG_7407 IMG_7408

Riley fell asleep in the car on the way home, but I had to stop at Sam’s for milk. The weather was also very stormy this day, but there was a bit of a break, so I thought we could be in and out before the rain came again.


I was wrong.


We all got soaked on our run back to the car, which the boys weren’t too thrilled with. But we got into warm PJs when we got home, and they had an early snack dinner while watching Big Hero 6. They soon forgot all about it.



Just in time to gear up for the weekend. We had a festival to attend!


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