Monday, April 4, 2016

School Days: K March Madness {Riley}

The kindergarteners had a super busy March. They did enough that I decided to do a separate post about all of the activities and events they participated in during the first month of spring.

Y’all already knew about Muffins with Moms. That happened on March 4. Then on March 11, they were supposed to have a spelling bee for “M,” as well as a school pep rally, but the weather had other plans. Strong storms were forecasted to move through here, so school was unexpectedly cancelled. And then most of the rain went north of us. Go figure.

St. Patrick’s Day fell on Thursday of the next week, and they got to wear green shirts and socks to school. They also did a fun food project; Rory and I came in again to help. They made rainbows out of pipe cleaners, fruit loops, and marshmallows. Cute!



IMG_7003 IMG_7002




Rory and I and the other mom volunteers stuck around after the kids left for lunch so we could play the role of a sneaky leprechaun coming in to mess up their classroom. We had way too much fun doing this! And Allison reported that the kids loved discovering the mess when they returned after lunch and recess.



Announcement Twenty-Eight 3-21 to 3-25_Page_4_Image_0002

That afternoon they had a little St. Patrick’s Day party. Katie sent in boxes of apple juice, and I made green rice krispie treats for them to snack on. Festive, huh?

Announcement Twenty-Eight 3-21 to 3-25_Page_5_Image_0004

The next day was the parent picnic, on account of them studying the letter P. Kenny met Rory and me at school and all four of us had lunch in Riley’s classroom. We couldn’t go outside because of the crazy weather, but it was fun being spread out all over the floor of his classroom.


That day was also St. Joseph’s Day (they visited the altar as a class), as well as the rescheduled pep rally and spirit day. Riley’s classmate Joshua scored the only goal for kindergarten at the pep rally!

Announcement Twenty-Nine 4-4 to 4-8_Page_4_Image_0003

Announcement Twenty-Nine 4-4 to 4-8_Page_4_Image_0001

The next week they only had three days of school before going on Easter break. They had a fun party on Tuesday during which they ate popcorn and watched Peter Cottontail. Then their Easter egg hunt and Easter party were on Wednesday. They also received a visit from the Easter Bunny, courtesy of PE teacher Ms. Milene.

Announcement Twenty-Nine 4-4 to 4-8_Page_5_Image_0001

Announcement Twenty-Nine 4-4 to 4-8_Page_5_Image_0002

Then the whole school was off for 10 days. They started back today and will go straight through until their ending program on May 19. And that means in less than 7 weeks, I will be mom to a first grader and a preschooler.

Holy cow.

Spring break recap coming up later this week!


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