Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PK3 Meet and Greet {Rory}

It seems like just yesterday that Riley was going to his PK3 Meet and Greet. But that was three years ago, and this time it was Rory’s turn. He has come with me into school many times, but he was excited that this occasion was just for him.

We dropped Riley off in the back first, and big brother tried to have the teachers get Rory out too. He didn’t understand that I was taking him in separately! Too funny. Rory and I hung out in the front parking lot until it was time for us to go in.


We went into the teachers’ lounge, found his nametag and papers, picked up a muffin and some water, and sat down to wait. There are actually a lot of siblings from the kindergarten class entering PK3 next year, so there were lots of familiar faces. Dana and Colin, Wendy and Sophia, Jessica and Mary Jane. Next year is going to be so fun.



Just like they did for Riley, the teachers (now Ms. Maggie and Mrs. Claire) came in to get all of the kids and take them back to the PK3 building. Rory didn’t want to go at first, but then he spotted Mrs. Gail, whom he recognized from morning carpool. He held her hand and walked with the rest of the kids to see their new classrooms and play for a little while.



The kids were gone for about an hour. The parents stayed in the lounge and listened to the principal talk about the upcoming school year, which was much less overwhelming since we’ve been there for three years.

Then we were reunited with our little ones. Rory was all smiles when he saw me, but when I asked him what he did, he said, “I tied.” (I cried.) Ms. Lisa, one of the PK3 assistants, came in and confirmed what he told me, although she said that he went right to her when he saw her. She also said that he was quite concerned with cleaning up. (Really?!?) Rory also told me he played with a truck puzzle he found and that they had a “tookie” (cookie) snack. Overall, I think it was a pretty successful morning!


Now Dana and I are just crossing our fingers that these two are in the same class, just like their older siblings were. And maybe next year Riley and Claire will finally be reunited.


We’ll have to wait until August to find out!


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