Saturday, August 31, 2013

Three Special Treats, Two No More, and One Big Truck {Riley’s Birthday}

Since he was sick earlier in the week and thus stayed home from school for two days, I had the pleasure of spending the birthday boy’s entire special day with him. However, being a little under the weather didn’t mean that Kenny and I cancelled our original plans for the morning of Riley’s birthday. Once everyone was up and dressed, we headed out for a special birthday breakfast at Tastee Donuts.

IMAG0942 IMAG0944

On the way there, Riley declared that he wanted a donut with sprinkles, so that’s what he got. Granted, it was a sprinkle donut with pink icing, but he didn’t care. I also relented and got him chocolate milk, which I thought he would love. He took a couple of sips, said it was good, and then never finished it. Typical.


IMAG0949 IMAG0952


He also had tastes of his daddy’s cinnamon donut and my plain glazed one, charmed both the employees and other patrons, and was covered in sugar by the time he was done. And when Kenny went back up to order a dozen to take to the office, the nice lady waiting on him gave him a lagniappe donut hole to take back to the birthday boy.


Birthday breakfast accomplished, Kenny went off to work and the boys and I went back home. Rory napped, and Riley and I watched Mickey. I had offered to take Riley to pick out a special treat to eat after dinner, so once Rory was up and fed, we headed over to Whole Foods. Riley chose sesame kale for lunch and a red cupcake for his dessert. And the girl that checked us out let him pick another treat from the kids’ club box (a fruit strip).

IMG_2964 IMG_2970

He ate a good lunch and napped well. The same cannot be said for Rory, who strayed fairly far from his normal yesterday and messed me up in the process. I couldn’t get everything prepped for the party the way I wanted to, but I did get to hang with my two boys on the couch while we waited for Kenny to get home.


Riley requested cheese pizza for dinner so we ordered in from Reginelli’s, and they even made a little pizza on pita bread just for Riley. Very cute. Wish he had eaten more of it in addition to the toppings from our pizza, but oh well.

DSC_4860 DSC_4867

After pizza it was finally time for the red cupcake. I put three candles in it and presented it to him at the table, with Kenny and I singing “Happy Birthday” to him. His face said it all. He was so excited.


Once he had devoured most of the cupcake and decided he was all done, Kenny stealthily brought out his present and put it on the coffee table. He got down from his chair and ran over to see what it was: an absolutely huge cement mixer.

DSC_4910 DSC_4913


I think it is by far the coolest truck in his collection. I hope he enjoys it. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be adding even more trucks to his hoard after his birthday party today. Heaven help us; I do not know where they will all go.

So, my sweet boy, you are officially no longer two. I am so glad I got to spend your first day as a three-year-old with you, and I can’t wait to see how much you grow and change during this next year. You test me, you challenge me, you amuse me, you astound me.

I love you so much, Riley-bean!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

he is one amazing kid.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, I agree with qp- AND a sweetheart also. Hugs, Grams In fact Bop and I thoroughly enjoyed the birthday paarty. ( especially watching PC and Kenny on the trapeze/ Hugs, Grams

Lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

1. The sprinkle donut is where it is at.

2. That pizza looked amazing.

3. That concrete truck is the coolest truck I have ever seen. Uncle Doug is jealous.

Happy Birthday Bean! We love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie and Doug

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