Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tiger Tailgating: LSU vs. Auburn

Last Saturday Kenny, Nopsi, and I took Riley to Baton Rouge to tailgate for the LSU-Auburn game. It wasn’t Riley’s first tailgate experience, but it sure was different the second time around. All he wanted to do was walk and play in the rocks and eat and play in the rocks and climb the camper stairs and, oh yes, play in the rocks.

After a brief morning feeding of the ducks by the house…..

IMG_2877 IMG_2878

…..we were on the road and arrived at campus around 10am. Shortly after finding our tailgate spot with Steve’s parents’, I discovered that Riley had peed through his diaper sometime during the walk to the camper, soaking his jeans and the side of my shirt. Off came the cute jeans and on went the wind pants. I, unfortunately, did not think to bring a change of clothes for myself, so I simply blotted my shirt with a wipe, opened my first beer, and called it good. What a way to start the day.

IMG_2890 IMG_2894


Tailgating with a one-year-old is exhausting. Luckily, there were lots of other kids running around, too, so Riley had built-in entertainment and there was always someone keeping an eye on all of them. (My how times have changed from when we were in college.) And even though Riley still doesn’t quite know how to play well with others, I think he enjoyed being around people his own size. Kelli brought lots of sturdy, plastic outdoor toys, and Jack and Riley especially loved using the buckets and shovels in the rocks.

IMG_2936 IMG_2951 IMG_2921 IMG_2963



It was also great to have Nopsi there, too. He got into town the day before from Houston and decided to spend the day with us in Baton Rouge instead of staying home by himself. We’re so glad you could join us; if only Nola could have been there too! Oh well; there’s always next year…..

IMG_2953 IMG_2968


It was a beautiful day for football, and LSU won the game handily over Auburn. We decided to leave at halftime, mostly because it was 4:30pm and Riley hadn’t slept a wink all day. So we loaded up the wagon, headed back to the car, and got on the road.


Riley promptly passed out in his carseat and slept hard almost all the way home, where he wolfed down his dinner, took a very quick bath, and then was sacked out in his crib for the night by 7pm.


As I said before, tailgating sure is tiring.


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