Thursday, October 13, 2011

Continuing Our Football Weekend Recap…..

Kenny and I were lucky enough to score two tickets to the LSU-Florida game on Saturday afternoon (thanks, Scott!), so we left Riley in the care of Grandma and headed up to Baton Rouge. The Tigers won convincingly over the Gators, and Kenny and I were so glad we were there in person to see it. Geaux Tigers!


IMG_2729 IMG_2732


Oh, and then there was the whole Scott-betting-Brian-a-dollar-to-run-into-a-fountain thing outside of BJ’s Brewery on our way home after the game. Which he did. Nice.


The next day the Saints were at Carolina, and Josh and Amy invited everyone over to their place for the game. It also happened to be Amy’s birthday on Monday, so we celebrated that occasion as well. Happy Birthday, Amy!


IMG_2765 IMG_2768

Josh and Amy, who are engaged to be married (on October 6, 2012….woo-hoo!), live in the American Can Company apartments. I had never been to the complex before, and it is just such a cool place to live. With a PJ’s Coffeehouse and a Cork and Bottle Wine shop located on the first floor (along with many other retail stores), what more could you ask for!


IMG_2779 IMG_2777 IMG_2781


Previously a tin can production facility until 1988, the American Can building was completely overhauled into apartments in 2002, and the grounds are beautiful. Some of the original aspects of the building were left intact, which makes the apartments all the more unique. Josh and Amy have gorgeous wood floors all throughout their apartment (complete with the scuffs and dings and imprints from years ago), and also a little balcony that was once a loading dock.

IMG_2784 IMG_2764 IMG_2751 IMG_2755 IMG_2760 IMG_2759

We ended up having to leave early (someone was mighty whiny….), but it was great hanging with everyone for a little while. Josh made awesome gumbo, the kids got to play together for a bit, and the Saints just barely escaped with the win over the Panthers.


Thanks so much for having us over, Josh and Amy; we had so much fun!


NOLA said... Best Blogger Tips

And both Kathy Slimp and Dad's fraternity brother Eric Hartman (the artist) live in American Can.

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