Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drums, Bleachers, and Crusaders

Last Friday night Riley attended his very first football game. Brother Martin (Kenny’s all-boys high school alma mater) played West Jeff in Tad Gormley Stadium for their homecoming game. It was also their annual alumni band game, and Kenny decided to participate this year. Kenny played drums all 4 years he was at BMHS, so he strapped on a snare drum for old times’ sake and got to play again, along with a few of our friends.

IMG_2683 IMG_2682

There was some pretty decent tailgating going on before the game just outside the stadium, and Riley and I were able to meet up with QP, UJ, and our friends. (Thanks again for your help in feeding the boy jambalaya and blueberries for dinner, QP!) Kenny came straight from work and met us there, and both Riley and Grant loved playing with the drumsticks Kenny produced from his back pocket.




Once inside the stadium, we met up with Grandma, and then Riley was non-stop most of the rest of the night. He loved walking around the stands and climbing over the bleachers. The only times he slowed down were when the jet flyover happened before kickoff (completely wide-eyed) and also any time the band played. This kid was obsessed with the drums…..perhaps he’ll follow in his daddy’s footsteps!


IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2694

We had a nice little group of friends to sit with during the game: most of the band boys’ wives came, as well as a few other BMHS grads. And Riley found his first girlfriend during his first football game: Melissa and Chad’s daughter Grace. He tried to give her kisses, but she played a little hard to get. They were too cute together.



The Brother Martin Crusaders won the game 34-22 over West Jeff. Riley and I left shortly before halftime, and he didn’t get to bed (without a bath!) until 8:45 that night. But he had a ball, crawling and walking all over the place and watching the drumline play. I hope this was the first of many football games we’ll take him to!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Bean looks so cute in his BMHS T-shirt and jeans!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a good looking guy - I am sure he one day will be a BM AlumniHugs, Grams

Aunt E said... Best Blogger Tips

I must agree with QP. He looks sooo stinkin' cute in the BMHS shirt. So adorable!

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