Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laptop Resurrection

One day last week, Riley decided to pull just about everything out of his toybox downstairs. His newest thing is to fling whatever toy he happens to be holding behind him, which was a solid method to use to practically empty the box of all his toys on this particular day. (The cool part that happened a little later on was that he actually put some of his toys back in the box after taking them all out!)


This meant that he reintroduced himself to quite a number of toys that had remained dormant for a number of months, since these days he mostly plays with the newer things he received for his birthday. And so this weekend, after a brief (but really cute) reading session with Daddy…..


IMG_2851 IMG_2852

…..Riley got reacquainted with his laptop. He looks at it so differently now (with the whole intently studying thing he has going on), really watching the lights, looking at the pictures, and deliberately pressing the buttons.


IMG_2859 IMG_2860

But then he put the laptop aside (for a few seconds) and contented himself watching football with Daddy.


And then I decided I wanted to get right next to my boys and proceeded to take this really awkward picture.


I also took a few videos, which I have merged together for your Hump Day viewing pleasure. In this montage, we quiz Riley on his animal sounds (which are a little hard to hear but he did do most of them), and then he goes a little nuts. Please enjoy!


nola said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, I am just DELIGHTED...that Riley is reconnecting with his laptop in a totally different way, that it is fostering lots of new learning opportunities, that the arrangement is still on the coffee table, and that Kenny's beer didn't spill.

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