Friday, October 14, 2011


When Nola was in town to watch the boy while I was in North Carolina, she decorated the house for fall. She decided to put two pumpkins on the ledge underneath the desk in the kitchen, an area which Riley likes to frequent. She figured since the pumpkins are made of plastic, he couldn’t really hurt them, so she didn’t mind if he decided they were new toys for him instead of fall decorations.

Which he did. Those pumpkins are his now, and he carries and pushes them all over the downstairs. We may have to leave them out after Thanksgiving is over, although I am quite sure he will find some similar Christmas decoration to call his own when that time comes.


Then the other day we had to run by Whole Foods (for kale, for this soup…..yum). There were scores of pumpkins of all sizes piled up outside the store, so I picked out a little one for Riley to hold onto while we searched for the kale (and a few other things). That little pumpkin was the best 76 cent purchase I have made: it kept him entertained the entire time we were in there, although he did completely destroy part of the poor thing’s stem.

IMG_0451 IMG_0452

There were also samples of local satsumas, which Riley loved, but he was almost immediately covered in juice. Apparently I selected the juiciest one of the bunch…..I hope it doesn’t stain his new “Bean” onesie!


I’m planning to take him to a pumpkin patch sometime within the next couple of weeks, possibly with a few friends. Hopefully, he won’t sleep through most of the visit like he did last year!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

There is nothing cuter than a boy clutching his gourd!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I sure hope Bop's satzema's are ripe soon and I"ll pick some for Riley and I am sure maybe he can pick his own( ok the spelling is wrong but youget it). Hugs, Grams

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