Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lizzie and Doug: Engagement Party

Last Friday night was Lizzie and Doug’s engagement party. The event was thrown by her parents and held at her aunt’s house in Old Metairie, very close to the church in which Kenny and I got married. And, the house next door to theirs is for sale…..anyone want to spot us a couple million? It’s a really nice neighborhood.

Jeff was out of town at our uncle’s cabin in Pennsylvania, so Erin rode with Kenny and me to the party, while Grandma stayed home with Riley. (Nola and Nopsi were on a cruise and sadly had to miss out.) It was great to see our friends who were there, as well as reconnect with some long-lost ones and meet some new ones.

IMG_2446 IMG_2451



And since the bride and five (out of eight) bridesmaids were together in one place, of course we had to take a picture (or five). Those girls sure are fun, and we are going to have such a good time in May.


IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2821

Thanks for getting engaged, LP and DB. We were glad for the excuse to get together with everyone, and we can’t wait for the rest of your wedding events!


I’m a bridesmaid….WHAT?!?!


nola said... Best Blogger Tips

you look terrific. Those shoes ROCK.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

aww yay! It was such a great time. Thank you for being a bridesmaid! WHAT?!?!

Love, Lizzie

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

Chinese fire drill. Get ready now!

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