Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fourteen Months

Riley is fourteen months old today! He weighs approximately 26 pounds, stands 31 inches tall, and wears a size 4 diaper and 18-month clothes.

Here’s what he’s been up to this past month:

  • He tried a few new foods this month, including kale (which he LOVED), pumpkin, tuna fish, and trout. He insists on feeding himself, and Nola and Nopsi have attempted to get him to use a fork or spoon, with minor success.
  • He puts his sippy into the “cup holder” on his highchair tray now, which is so cute. And he’s been giving me some really funny faces with furrowed brows during meals.
  • He has four teeth now, and he started flicking the top and bottom ones together late in September, which makes me cringe.
  • He’s also saying some new words: pumpkin, shoe, turtle, careful, jacket, wagon, walk, down, and cookie.
  • He is walking great and starting to want to “walk” down stairs instead of scooting down on his belly. Great. He is also loving throwing things down the stairs. Super.
  • Kenny taught him “knucks” (fist bump) this month.
  • He says “vroom vroom” for car, “tick tock” for clock, “cluck cluck” for chicken, and “neigh” for horse. He also called lots of things “dada” this month. I tried not to be offended.
  • He knows where his head, feet, fingers, teeth, and tongue are, and we are working on belly button, knees, elbows, and cheeks.
  • His finger found his nostril this month, and he’s also started to get more curious about his boy parts. 
  • He is not putting absolutely everything in his mouth anymore, which is nice, although he does love to chew on his shoes. Gross. 
  • He can identify (by pointing) lots of things by pictures, mostly in his books (i.e. spiders, trees, balls, telephone, many animals, car, airplane, etc.). He LOVES to read books, and he even sits in his chair most of the time to do so.
  • He holds his toy phone up to his ear like he’s having a conversation, and he also knows to open and close it to change the picture on the inside. He has also figured out how to turn off the television downstairs by pressing the button on the front of it. He’ll be working the remote before we know it.
  • He loves “crunching” leaves on our walks and also “hiding” in his crib and laughing when I go to get him. He also usually willingly puts his paci into our hands when asked for it after he wakes up.
  • He loves to dance by bouncing up and down on his legs or swaying from side to side. So cute.
  • We taught him how to give hugs this month: whenever we ask for “squeezes” he leans into us and (sometimes) wraps his arms around our necks while we squeeze and shake him. This makes him smile!

Here’s his last-minute-because-mama-forgot-so-we-took-it-right-before-bedtime-last-night official fourteen month picture!



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